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Pink Mamma, tuscan barbecue

Act VI. The two thirty-year-old creators of Big Mamma are back to business and invite you to discover a new exceptional restaurant located in the heart of Paris. The sixth. Paris Airport has discovered, for you, what should be the most enjoyable culinary surprise of the autumn. A gastronomic transalpine journey full of flavors.

Italy in Paris

The Pink building reminds us a ship's bow, its vegetal wall looks like the sails. Once inside the house, you discover a spacious but intimate lounge.  When you enter in Pink Mamma restaurant, and especially under her grandiose and luminous glassworks of the 4th floor, you will be teleported to Florence.

The kitchen is open and allows us to watch the cooks at work and smell the meat bakes on a large barbecue of 3m powered by cherry wood and Quebracho, which is giving to the meat its special and unique flavor.

Pink Mamma decided to honour and celebrate the quality of the meat because they own their proper beef industry. A fully-fledged quality-control scheme is applied in order to propose the best natural beef for their customers. But we don't tell you more about this, it's a place full of mystery. Indeed, you will enjoy amble out though the different floors and atmospheres of this place.

If you are lucky enough, you will maybe find the subtle cocktail bar!

Pink Mamma

20 bis, rue de Douai, Paris 9e Restaurant Pink Mamma
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From monday to friday: 11:45am–02:15pm and 07:00–10:45pm

From saturday to sunday: 12:00–03:15pm and 07:00–11:00pm