Car park

You wish to leave your car at the airport : we recommend parking in the car parks closest to the terminals; most can be reached via an elevator. There are reserved disabled parking slots available on every level with the following permits: GIC, GIG, European parking card.

Car parks close to the airports

Paris-Charles de Gaulle 
-For Terminal 1 : car park P1 is located in the terminal
For Terminal 2 : car park PAB is adjoining terminals A and B, car park PCD is adjoining terminals C and D, car park PEF is adjoining terminals E and F, car park PG is adjoining terminal G.
For Terminal 3 : car park P3 South is adjoining the terminal.

For Orly 4: car parks P4a and P4b are adjoining the terminal
For Orly 1-2-3: car parks P3 and P1 are adjoining the terminal

Car park rates

Disabled people and people with reduced mobility are granted a 50% discount on the rates of car parks adjoining the terminals, upon presentation of the original of the GIC-GIG permit (required presence of the permit holder) or a European parking card and the entrance ticket at the payment booth located at the car park exit.

Important: PX and PR parking also receive a 50% discount as the closest parkings.


Taxis G7 offer the Horizon service designed for disabled or reduced mobility passengers wishing to travel within Paris and Ile-de-France. The fare is calculated according to regional rates applicable to all Paris taxis.

Practical information 
Service available 24/7 
Telephone: 01 47 39 00 91

Using a specialized transport company 

Private companies provide transport using vehicles equipped with access ramps, mooring points and seatbelts. We recommend that you book your vehicle several days before your departure, especially if you are travelling on weekends. If you require respiratory assistance, you will need an attendant.

Contact details for specialized transport companies

Below are some of the companies specializing in the transport of disabled or reduced mobility passengers:
01 39 55 11 11
fax : 01 39 55 05 26
58, rue Pottier 78150 Le Chesnay 

01 41 20 01 29 
BP 164 92504 Rueil Malmaison 

01 42 03 61 67 
148-150, bd de la Villette 75019 Paris 

01 45 60 01 96
27 rue G. Brassens 94550 Chevilly Larue 

08 10 08 10 75
BP 10156 75562 Paris Cedex 12
* Prise en charge des résidents non-parisiens en fonction des disponibilités.

5 villa des Aubépines 94320 THIAIS  

By public transport

RATP lines equipped for transport of disabled or reduced mobility passengers

RATP lines equipped for transport of disabled or reduced mobility passengers
 Further information on the accessibility of the lines can be found on the RATP interactive map: 
RATP maps 
See also the Accessibility section of the RATP website :
RATP accessibility 

Note : work to improve accessibility of line B of the RER is on-going; please visit the RATP website for further details:


Information service regarding Ile-de-France transport and network accessibility facilities.
Tel.: 0 810 64 64 64 (coast of a local call), 7:00 to 19:00, Monday through Saturday
or visit the website infomobi 

"Les Compagnons du Voyage" (SNCF/RATP) service

Passengers who find it hard to walk may request an escort for travel by train, metro, RER, bus and taxi.
Rate for Ile-de-France: €12.20
Tel.: 01 58 76 08 33

Public transport to Paris-Charles de Gaulle 
Public transport to Paris-Orly

Reception at the aiport