Notify us as soon as you reach the airport by contacting our assistance service. You may do so outside or inside the terminal. An escort will be with you a few minutes after your call.

Reception outside the terminal

Whatever your means of transport, once you reach the airport there are customer assistance terminals allowing you to notify us of your arrival. 
Once you have called, the escort in charge of receiving you will join you by the customer assistance terminal to escort you through the terminal and up to the aircraft.

Using the customer assistance terminal
Just press the call button and you will be connected by audio and video link to our reception and assistance service. An escort will soon come to collect you.
The customer assistance terminal is fitted with an induction loop for the hearing-impaired. It is triggered in the same way as urban traffic lights with audio signals.

You are dropped off by a car or taxi in front of the terminal

Ask your taxi or car driver to drop you off in one of the disabled areas of the drop-off point. The customer assistance terminals are located right next to these areas.

Location of drop-off points and customer assistance terminals: 

Paris-Charles de Gaulle  :
- Terminal 1 - level départ - gate 6 
- Terminal 2A - level départ - gate 5 
- Terminal 2C - level départ - gate 12 
- Terminal 2D - level départ - gate 6 
- Terminal 2E - level départ - gate 7-8 
- Terminal 2F - level départ - gate 10 
- Terminal 2G - Departures hall
- Terminal 3 - Departures hall 

Paris-Orly  :
- Terminal Sud : gate B 
- Terminal Ouest : level Deaprtures - gate C and Arrivals  level arrivée - gate D

If you leave your car in the car park

In the car parks near the terminals, each level has reserved slots for disabled or reduced mobility passengers, a 50% discount is given(except for online bookings). You can notify your arrival via the customer assistance terminals nearby.

Arriving by public transport

At  Paris-Charles de Gaulle 
There is a customer assistance terminal:
- at the exit of the RER B "Charles de Gaulle 1" station. Access to terminals 1 and 3.
- at the exit of the RER B "Charles de Gaulle 2-TGV" station. Access to terminal 2.

At  Paris-Orly
- West terminal: Orlybus stop (from Paris) and Arrival leve, gate D.
- South terminal: at the exit of the Orlyval shuttle train, just before the elevators and gate C.

Reception inside the terminal

You may notify us of your arrival at the Paris Aéroport reception areas or check-in counters of your airline.

Reception area

Every terminal has at least one reception area with a reserved waiting room where our assistance service will come to collect you.

These areas have been specially equipped for your comfort : 
Low counters for wheelchair-bound passengers, 
Sound-proofed lounge with dimmer-equipped lights

Localisation of the reception areas:

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle  
- Terminal 1 : Level Departures - gate 02 
- Terminal 2A : Level Departures between gates A5 et A6 
- Terminal 2C : Level Departures between gates C5 et C6 
- Terminal 2D : Level Departures between gates D6 et D7 
- Terminal 2E : Level Departures between  gates 7-8 
- Terminal 2F : Level Departures between gates 8 et 10 
- Terminal 2G : at the entrance of the terminal 
- Terminal 3 : at the entrance of the terminal 

At Paris-Orly  
- Terminal Ouest: Level Departure - between hall 1 and 2, in front of Orlyval shuttle 
- Terminal Sud: Level Departure - gate B 

Check-in counter of your airline

Notify your arrival to the airline personnel. They will inform our reception and assistance service.

Connecting flight

Connecting flight at the same airport
Our assistance service will collect you on leaving your first flight and will escort you until you are seated in the next flight. 

Connecting flight at another airport
Our assistance service will collect you on leaving your first flight and will escort you to the means of transport of your choice (taxi, public transport etc.) to take you to the airport for your connecting flight.

When choosing the time of connecting flights, remember to notify your airline or travel agent of the time you will need to cover the sometimes significant distances between the various terminals.