Paris Aéroport has been working for some time to equip and adapt its terminals to ensure easy access for all. 

Today, accessibility issues are automatically taken into consideration in the fitting out of our facilities.

Moving within the terminal, procedures and checks

We will escort you within the terminal providing assistance at every step: passport control, check-in or baggage reclaim, customs. You have priority access at every stage of the security checks.

Special equipment in the terminals

Paris Aéroport has made several arrangements to make your travel as comfortable and pleasant as possible:

- Terminal entrances are indicated by white or red bands (visible on the ground and on the doors). 
- Moving walkways and escalators are indicated at either end by yellow bands. 
- Public telephone booths are lowered. 
- Seats inside the terminals have been straightened to make it easier for those who have trouble getting up. 
- Waiting areas are equipped with induction loops for the hearing-impaired. 
- Automatic ticket dispensers are adapted to wheelchair-bound passengers. 
- Toilets have been adapted to comply with the latest standards to allow access by wheelchair-bound passengers (including motorized wheelchairs).