What should you do when travelling with a baby?

Your baby can fly on a short flight when as young as one week old, and on a long-haul flight when as young as three weeks. If travelling with a baby, we recommend notifying your airline in advance. 

You can take into the cabin all medications and food that your baby needs for the trip, without any restrictions or need to show a prescription. Simply place all liquid items (bottles, jars) in a resealable transparent plastic bag, and present them to the security officers when going through screening. The officers may ask to taste the food, so we recommend taking resealable containers. However, avoid small glass jars that could break. Once aboard, the flight crew will provide you with water suitable for preparing a bottle. 

Liquid care products (such as baby lotion), however, are subject to regulations on carrying liquids in the cabin. These items must therefore be less than 100 ml each, and be presented in a 20 cm x 20 cm transparent plastic bag.

Some airlines allow you to take a baby seat or stroller aboard, in addition to your carry-on baggage. Contact your airline for more information. And if need be, we can provide strollers for your use in terminals all the way to the boarding gate. You can help yourself to this free service 24/7. Visit terminal 2E, gates K, L, and M at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and West Terminal Hall 10 and South Terminal Hall A at Paris-Orly

Travelling with a baby: some helpful advice

Prepare a sugar water bottle to hydrate the baby regularly
Swallowing while drinking will help reduce the effects of pressure change in the ears. 

Soothe your baby during take-off and landing

These moments can be stressful for your baby. Soothe them with a pacifier or breastfeeding. 

Bring a lovey and toys they love
Perfect for cuddling and keeping busy, to avoid crying episodes. 

Have enough diapers and wipes with you
To feel comfortable during the flight, your baby must be clean.

Welcoming families and their children at the airport: we are at your disposal

To make your trip pleasant from start to finish, we provide spaces and services designed for small children. Changing tables, baby lounges, strollers on loan... Enjoy our services!

Change your baby comfortably:

More than 100 changing tables are available in the restrooms at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports. For your comfort, they are equipped with toddler beds and child-friendly toilet stalls. Accessible before and after security, access to these spaces is free and open 24/7.

Enjoy the convenience of family restrooms:

For your children's comfort, we provide family restrooms equipped with large and small toilets, as well as baby carriers for greater freedom of movement. Available before and after security, access to these spaces is free and open 24/7.

Relax with your baby in a special room:

Need a moment of calm, far from the bustle of the airport, before getting on the plane? We’ve designed a space where you can rest with your baby before setting off on your trip. Featuring individual alcoves with cradles, seats, high chairs, bottle heaters and microwaves, this space can be accessed by anyone, 24/7. Visit the Orly 4 at Paris-Orly.

Make going through security with your children a fun time:

Every weekend on the spring, summer, and Christmas holidays, we provide Family Access service: Handing out educational game books and staging entertainment in some of our terminals.  

Children and family space