Want to travel with your new-born or send your child on holiday to visit loved ones, but not sure what the current procedures are? Don't worry! Here’s everything you need to know for a pleasant flight, whether you're with your child or not.

Flying with a child: what you need to know

Minors can no longer be on their parents’ passports. Even when accompanied, all children between the ages of 0 and 18 (the day of their birthday) must possess the following documents in their name
- a national identity card for a journey within France or the European Union
- a passport for a journey anywhere else in the world.

In general, children are subject to the same regulations as you: If the country you're going to requires a passport or visa, your child must have their own as well, even if under the age of 3. Those documents are to be presented at the same time as yours during check-in. 

All minors travelling with an escort other than a parent must have an exit permit (AST). To learn more, check the government's website.

Useful tip:

If the child doesn't have the same last name as their escort, you can present your family record book and/or the child’s birth certificate, but they are not on the list of mandatory documents. There is no rule that requires a parent who doesn’t share a last name with their child to prove their right to parental authority.

However, if the child is travelling with only one of their parents, some countries reserve the right to request proof that the other parent has allowed it. These include Algeria, Morocco, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Switzerland.

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