Transport of your domestic animal (dog, cat, hamster…) is authorized on domestic and international flights. Please contact your airline directly.

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Your pet belongs to a wild or protected species 

  • Procedures

    When booking your flight, notify the airline of the presence of your pet (some airlines refuse to carry pets in the cabin). Confirm the pet's presence 72 hours prior to the flight. On the day of departure, carry with you the animal's up-to-date health certificate. Find out what is required for your destination (vaccinations, registration tattoo...). Quarantine may be required depending on the destination and circumstances.

  • Flight conditions

    Flight conditions depend on the airline.
    In the cabin:
    • the pet must weigh less than 4kg,
    • the travel cage must be smaller than 115 cm linear (L+W+H).

    In the hold:
    • the pet must weigh over 4 kg;
    • the hold is ventilated, heated and pressurized;
    • the cage is anchored to remain stable throughout the flight (we recommend reinforcing with brown tape);
    • your airline may sell you a travel cage suited to the airport;
    • mark on the cage: the animal's name and registration tattoo number, your name and contact details, and your destination..

  • Rates

    Pets travel at same rates as excess luggage.

    Guide-dogs of passengers with a physical or sensory disability may travel free of charge in the cabin accompanied by their owner. They must be muzzled.

Your pet belongs to a wild or protected species 

Transport of such animals is strictly regulated (e.g. a wild animal or reptile). Request information from your airline or the following ministries in France:

  • 1

    Ministry of Agriculture
    Tel: 01 49 55 49 55

  • 2

    Ministry of the Environment 
    Tel: 01 42 19 20 21