Your child is travelling alone: preparing for their flight

Many airlines offer an unaccompanied minor service so that your child can travel alone. Although these services generally cover children ages 4 to 12, they vary from one airline to another, and may apply to bigger or smaller age ranges (sometimes for an added charge). Some airlines also offer assistance for children with reduced mobility. We recommend contacting the airline to find the right solution for you.

Useful tip:

Most airlines require that the unaccompanied minor service be reserved at the time you buy your ticket. You’ll need to fill out a form and follow a special process. A limited number of unaccompanied children can be allowed on board, so we recommend booking tickets and the service as soon as possible.

Travel documents: Find all the documents that may be requested of you when travelling through Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports.

Unaccompanied child: what documents are needed?

All children (ages 0-18) must have at least a national identity card and/or passport, depending on their nationality and destination.
In all cases, you must check: 
Contact your airline, as they often require filling out a form and following a special process.

Your child is travelling abroad


If your child is travelling alone to another country, they must have with them:

• a valid form of ID
• an original CERFA form for Authorisation to Leave the Country (AST) signed by one of the parents with parental authority. To learn more, visit the government's website.
• a visa if visiting a country that requires one (check the website diplomatie.gouv). The child must be carrying a certain number of documents, which may vary depending on their age, status, and destination.

Your child is travelling in France

If your child is travelling alone in France, he must have with him several documents depend on his age, situation and destination. We invite you to contact your airline for further information.


If your child is travelling to an overseas department (Guadeloupe / Guyane / Martinique / Mayotte / La Réunion) and make a stop in a foreign country, he must have an authorisation to leave the country. You can download it on
The following documents will vary according to the situation of the parent of the AST:
Parents of French nationality
- a photocopy of the identity card or passport of the signatory parent of the AST (the title must be valid or expired less than 5 years)

Parents of European citizenship
- a photocopy of the valid identity document of the signatory parent of the AST: identity card, passport or residence permit

Parents of other nationality
- a photocopy of the valid identity document of the signatory parent of the AST: identity card, passport, valid residence permit or identity and travel document for refugee or stateless person
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