5 tips for packing your bags with ease

Are you the type of person who throws stuff into your bag at random?
Do you dread the moment before every trip when you have to organise your suitcase?
Don't panic: we've put together a few tips to help you pack your bags.

Often when flying, you can only bring a single that you keep with you during your flight. You can also check a bag and leave it at the check-in counter. Depending on the airline, you may also be able to add a personal item like a purse or laptop bag.  

But to pack your bags in a smart, organised way, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here's our list of 5 tips for a smooth trip! 


So how should you pack your bags? See our 5 tips for a smooth trip! 

Choose the right suitcase

Before you can pack it, you’ve got to pick it! To make the right choice, ask yourself these questions:

Soft or hard luggage? Hard luggage protects your belongings. This is especially useful if you have to check your bag or if you are carrying fragile items. Soft bags are lighter and easier to store in the cabin, under your feet or in the overhead bins. 

Shoulder strap or wheels? Many suitcases come with wheels. If you can, be sure to try them out before making the purchase: are they practical? Is the luggage handle right for your height? For shoulder straps, pay attention to comfort and how it distributes weight. Can't try them out? Remember to read the online reviews. 

Size? Guidelines vary from one airline to another: check with your airline before your flight

Our extra tip:

Bigger isn’t always better!

The bigger your suitcase, the more you will want to fill it: but are you sure you really need it all? Remember that airlines also have weight limits in place: in general, 10 kg is allowed for cabin luggage and 23 kg for checked luggage. But guidelines vary between airlines: check with your airline for more information.

Keep in mind that if you exceed the weight limit, you will have to pay an additional fee. 

Plan what you want to pack in advance

To save yourself some last-minute stress, plan what you want to pack several days in advance. Think about what you will be doing and check the weather forecast for your destination. Make a list you can add to as you go along. And why not put it on your phone, so you have it with you at all times? 

Don't wait until the last minute to pack. Start gathering your things a few days before your trip. That way, you can organise your bags and manage your trip with ease.  



Our extra tip:

Remember airport shops!

Take advantage of your visit to our terminals to buy your favourite magazine, a charger for your phone or a little something to keep the kids busy during the flight. You can also make bigger purchases during your departure or return: don't forget to leave room in your suitcase for your new purchases! 

Browse the list of shops

Preparing the perfect toiletry bag

Make sure you pack all your toiletries with our list of essentials. Remember that not all the same toiletry items are permitted in your carry-on as in your checked baggage!  

If you are traveling with a carry-on baggage:  

For personal hygiene and comfort: toothbrush and toothpaste, pocket mirror, nail clippers, menstrual protection, tweezers, hand sanitiser less than 100 mL, deodorant less than 100 mL, shower gel less than 100 mL or soap, noise-cancelling ear protection, contact lenses or eyeglasses with associated products and cases (find out what is and is not permitted).

For your skin and hair: brush or comb, bath and care products less than 100 mL, make-up and make-up remover, sun protection and after-sun protection less than 100 mL… 

For your health: bandages, painkillers, antiseptics, anti-nausea medication, treatment against insect bites and, of course, your usual treatments and any recommended for your destination. 

- Additional items permitted in your checked luggage: liquids of more than 100 mL or a razor. 


Once you pass through security, you can also go to duty-free stores to buy perfume, creams or any other hygiene or beauty product larger than 100 mL. However, remember that if you don't have any checked luggage, you may not be able to pass through security on your return trip: the 100-mL rule applies for all air travel in all countries. 

For last minute purchases, you can go to one of our airport pharmacies


Choose smaller sizes. Bottles of liquid may not exceed 100 ml in carry-on luggage. In addition, they must be stored in a clear bag with a maximum capacity of one litre. 

Our extra tip:

Be prepared at security checkpoints!

You will need to present each liquid you want to bring into the cabin separately, so make sure they are easily accessible.  

For example, you can prepare a clear bag with empty containers in advance. But you can also find them in the airport stores. 

View our page on security checkpoints

Fold and store items to optimise space