Paris Aéroport is testing facial recognition throughout the passenger journey

Replacing your boarding pass with your face is now possible. Thanks to facial recognition, your experience at the airport becomes even simpler and smoother, and as secure as ever. 

This new process is a real innovation, currently aimed at the check-in and boarding stages, and allows you to avoid having to present your boarding pass and/or identity document several times at the various checkpoints. Your face becomes your only "document" to pass through the various security checks within the airport.

Experimentally tested at the moment with Ari Caraïbes and French Bee at Paris-Orly, Paris Aéroport is committed to securing all your personal data and then deleting it as soon as you take off! 

Facial recognition
Who is it for?

If you are over 18 years of age, travelling on flights eligible for the biometric programme with two partners airlines, Air Caraïbes and French Bee, departing from Paris-Orly, and hold a valid identity card or passport, you can choose our facial recognition test programme. 

This innovative process, which consists of temporarily and securely storing your biometric data, is aimed at all adult passengers and volunteers who wish to speed up the baggage check-in process and the passage through the boarding gates.

How does it work?

Registration goes through a dedicated biometric terminal where you will be asked to scan your boarding pass and then your identity document and finally present your face to link your travel information to it. 

Afterwards, there is no need to take out your boarding pass and identity document! Your only face will be your only "document" for passing through the two checkpoints: automatic baggage drop-off and automatic boarding gate.  

Please note: an alternative registration method using a mobile application will also be available at the boarding gate.

Baggage drop and automatic boarding gate
What does it consist of?

A camera system installed on the automatic baggage drop-off machine will identify you instantly and invite you to place your baggage on the conveyor belt in order to put it in the hold of your aircraft. 

Another camera system will recognise you as you approach the biometric boarding gate and will open to let you through, without having to scan anything. The boarding procedure will still be carried out in preferred groups, but you will not need to present your documents, as your identity has already been checked. 

Facilities cleaned and disinfected several times a day, contact-free hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, check all the safety measures that Paris Aéroport has implemented.

For more information
You can send all your questions to the following address: