Paris-CDG airport: all flights are operated from terminal 2B, 2E & 2F.
Paris-Orly airport: all flights are operated from Orly 2, Orly 3 and Orly 4.

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Security checkpoints

Once your hold baggage has been checked in, you must go through the security checkpoint to reach the boarding areas. To go through, you must show the security agent your magnetic boarding pass, either printed or on your mobile phone. Before going through the security screening gate, place the objects indicated in the trays put at your disposal. If the alarm goes off as a passenger passes through, a body search is systematically carried out.

Video: Going through the security checkpoint quickly and smoothly

PARAFE*, the automated immigration gates

PARAFE is a self service automated function using biometric technology to help you cross borders faster and independently. This service is valid for Europeans citizens holding a biometric passport.
Paris Aéroport together with the Ministry of Home Affairs have deployed within Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports a new generation of gates which includes facial authentication technology.

The 2 different options for this service : 
- Facial authentication (passport, boarding pass and face)
- Fingerprint authentication (passport, boarding pass and fingerprint)

* In French : Passage Automatisé Rapide Des Frontières Extérieures.

21 gates with
facial authentication 

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Eligible countries

    Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs

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Border Police


15 gates with
facial authentication

Automated clearance

Facial authentication : a faster way to clear immigration (10 to15 sec)
80 gates at Paris-CDG and 22 gates at Paris-Orly

Eligibility :
Be over 18 years old, hold a biometric passport, be a national of one of the 27 countries of the EU, plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


How it works

1  Proceed to the automated gate (green colour).
2  Scan your passport.
3  When your passport is read, the doors opens.
4  Enter the gate and step on the marks on the floor.
5  Stare at the camera.
6  When the green arrow shows on the screen, the second door will open.

Fingerprint authentication (30 seconds), 80 gates at Paris-CDG

Holders of a biometric passport (French, Belgian, German, Luxembourgian) do not need to enrol beforehand.

For electronic passports, the enrolment is necessary an can be done directly at Paris-CDG airport. 

Fingerprint authentication

How it works

 Proceed to the gate
2  Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
3  Enter
4  Place your thumb firmly on the scanner

How to recognize a biometric passport

All passports issued since June 29, 2009 are biometric.


Biometric passport  
The word "passport" is underlined, a secure symbol (circle inside a rectangle) shows under the word passport.

Your picture is printed twice on the main page.

Issued since October 31st, 2008.


Electronic passport
The word "passport" is not underlined, a secure symbol (circle inside a rectangle) shows under the word passport.

Your picture is printed twice on the main page.

Last issuance : June 2009

Enrolment locations

Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Terminal 2E : near exit 10 Departure level
(open monday to friday 6.30am to 12.30pm 
1.30pm to 3.15pm)


The enrolment location is now closed.

Location of PARAFE gates

Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Terminals 2E, 2F, 2G 
Terminals 2A, 2C, 2D
Terminal 1 
Terminal 3


Orly  1-2-3-4

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