Paris-CDG : from March 29th at 11.30pm until further notice, flights operated from Paris-CDG terminal 1, 3, 2C, 2D & 2G are reassigned to others terminals.
Paris-Orly : since June 26th, all flights are operated at Orly 3.
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Reopening of the Orlyval service since June 26th. 
Le Bus Direct shuttle service traffic is also suspended until furthuer notice. Your alternatives to go to / from the airport: click here

The French government has taken measures to restrict mobility. 
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Warning: access to the terminals of Paris airports is restricted to employees and passengers (with a reservation). In Paris-Orly, if you are picking up a relative, go to the Drop-off ("Arrivées Minute") area at Orly 3, Parking P3 on level -2.

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Find all the information about your connecting flights in the Paris airports so that you can easily find your way between the terminals at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris-Orly Airport: find out your transfer route, get real-time information about your next flight using our Assistant and enjoy our airport services with total peace of mind.

Plan your transfer in three steps

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    Check your terminal
    Remember to check your terminal and boarding gate.

  • 2

    Corresponding luggage
    Check your baggage check-in labels to ensure that your final destination is indicated. Otherwise, follow the Exits-Luggage signs to pick them up.

  • 3

    Boarding pass
    To know how to proceed if you do not have a boarding pass when you arrive in Paris.

Find out your transfer route

À Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Le parcours de correspondance vous indique le chemin à suivre entre votre terminal d'arrivé et votre terminal de départ : renseignez votre terminal d’arrivée ainsi que celui de votre correspondance afin d'obtenir le trajet le plus simple.

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At Paris-Orly

To find your connections at Paris-Orly Airport or between the Paris-Charles de Gaulle / Paris-Orly Airports, please use Flight Alerts. 

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You can also find out details such as your transfer time. To do so, enter your flight numbers.

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