Paris-Orly is becoming quiet!


To ensure that spaces are calmer and more peaceful for all of our passengers and airport staff, Groupe ADP, in partnership with the airlines, is committing to a “Quieter airport” strategy in the single terminal at Paris-Orly, before extending it to the terminals at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. 


Quiet airport

To enhance your comfort, boarding announcements will be limited starting on 1 July, and broadcast only in proximity to the relevant boarding gates. General announcements will be reserved for information in connection with security and safety in our terminals, or for emergencies. No general announcements will be made to call passengers to boarding gates.

Do not worry, all information is easily accessible: feel free to look at the information screens or use our Assistant Vol (via our website or the Paris Aéroport mobile app) to check on and track the status of your flight.

In the terminal you can also ask customer service staff or your airline for information.

Ecrans d'information

Aéroport plus silencieux