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General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site parisaeroport.fr and the Paris Aéroport mobile application

Updated on 29/03/2023

Aéroports de Paris is a French public limited company with share capital of €296,881,806, having its registered office at 1 rue de France, 93290, Tremblay-en-France, entered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under SIREN number 552 016 628.

Aéroports de Paris is responsible for equipping, operating and developing the Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget Airports as well as the civil airports situated in the Ile-de-France region. As part of its airport operator activity, Aéroports de Paris offers its passengers and the public more broadly an information website at www.parisaeroport.fr as well as online reservation services for car parking, baggage protection, luggage storage, hotels, flights and car rental, etc. 

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the website accessible at www.parisaeroport.fr and the Paris Aéroport mobile application, including access to the services offered by Aéroports de Paris and its partners from the www.parisaeroport.fr website and the Paris Aéroport mobile application.

Article 1 - Definitions

The terms below, used in these General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to Services, have the following meaning: 
■ "Application" means the Paris Aéroport mobile application. 
■ "General Terms and Conditions" means these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website parisaeroport.fr and the Application.
■ "Special Terms and Conditions" means the specific contractual terms and conditions applicable to each Service proposed by Aéroports de Paris.
■ "Terms and Conditions of Use of the Extime Rewards Loyalty Programme" means the terms and conditions governing membership of the My Paris Aéroport loyalty programme and setting out the rights and obligations applicable to members of this programme.
■ "Account" means the secure area of the parisaeroport.fr website or the Application accessible to the User by entering his Login details. It includes details of his relationship with Aéroports de Paris (summary of personal data provided to Aéroports de Paris, purchase history, etc.).
■ "Partner" means any service provider and any seller of products which has entered into an agreement with Aéroports de Paris to offer its Services on the parisaeroport.fr website and the Application. 
■ "Party" means the User or Aéroports de Paris individually and "the Parties" means the User and Aéroports de Paris collectively. 
■ "Site" means the website accessible at: http://www.parisaeroport.fr. 
■ "Online Service" means any service or product offered by Aéroports de Paris or any of its Partners on the Site or the Application. 
■ "User" means any natural person with or without an Account who uses the Site and/or the Application, use of which is subject to these Terms and Conditions. Only persons over fifteen (15) years of age are authorised to create an Account. The User, a natural person with legal capacity to enter into contracts, and holder of an Account, who wishes to purchase a Service must have read and accepted the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to the Service. 

Article 2 - Scope of application

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Use is to define the terms of use of the Site and the Application and the conditions governing access to the online Services by the User.
Aéroports de Paris reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions in full or in part at any time.
In the event of contradiction between the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and those of the Special Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

Article 3 - Access to Online Services


3.1 Account creation

Access to Online Services is reserved for Users who have created an Account from the "My Account" section of the Site or the Application. 
The User must fill in all mandatory fields of the Form and ensure that only accurate, complete and up-to-date information is provided to Aéroports de Paris. Otherwise, Aéroports de Paris reserves the right to delete the User's Account pursuant to the conditions set forth in Article 3.3 hereof.

3.2 Login details

To create his Account, the User must provide a valid email address and a password (together the "Login details" of the Account).
Aéroports de Paris reserves the right to request the User to change his password, particularly for statutory, technical or security-related reasons.
Login details are strictly confidential and for the User's personal use. 
The User is responsible for the use of his Account. Any use of the Account (access to Services, data transmission or otherwise, made from the Account) shall be deemed to have been made by the User and under his sole responsibility.

3.3 Deletion of an accoun

3.3.1 By the user

The User may decide to delete his Account at any time. This may be done from the Account or via customer services or by submitting a request to the Aéroports de Paris Data Protection Officer (by email or by post: Data Protection Officer, Bât 300 - CS 90055, 94396 Orly Aérogare Cedex).

3.3.2 By Aéroports de Paris.
Any misuse, wrongful or fraudulent use of the Account and/or the Site and/or the Application and/or the Extime Rewards Loyalty Programme, and more generally, any conduct detrimental to the interests of Aéroports de Paris or its Partners, by the User or by any third party acting on behalf of the User, may, at the discretion of Aéroports de Paris: 

- result in the temporary suspension of the Account for a period determined by Paris Aéroport at its entire discretion, which may not, however, exceed three (3) months.
During the period of suspension, the Member may not receive Programme benefits; 
- lead to the deletion of the Account, without the User being entitled to any compensation on any grounds whatsoever.

A User who has not had any activity for three (3) years will be qualified as an Inactive User and Aéroports de Paris will delete his Account, without the User being entitled to any compensation for any reason whatsoever. 

3.3.3 Effects of Account deletion
Deletion of the Account results in the User losing their Points and the right to receive any of the Loyalty Programme’s benefits generally.  This will result in the deletion of all of the User's data (purchase data, personal data, Loyalty Programme benefits, Loyalty Points, etc.). The User will not be entitled to any compensation on any grounds whatsoever.

3.4 Connection charges

Users are responsible for telephone communication charges incurred to connect to the internet and to the Site and the Application. 

Article 4 – Use of Online Services


4.1 Financial provisions

4.1.1 Price.

The tariffs of the Services are indicated in euros, inclusive of all taxes. The Service provided is invoiced in accordance with the tariff in force at the time of purchase of the Service.

4.1.2 Payment.

Payment methods are specific to each Service and are governed by the Special Terms and Conditions of Use of the concerned Service.

4.1.3 Security of remote payments. 

Remote payment for Online Services is made through a secure remote payment system. All data collected during the remote payment transaction are immediately encrypted (in SSL mode) and recorded on a secure payment server. The User is informed of the rules applicable to remote payment prior to the purchase.

4.2 Withdrawal 

The conditions governing the right of withdrawal which can be exercised by a User with the capacity of consumer within the meaning of the French Consumer Code, or, as may be relevant, the absence of such a right, are specified in the Special Terms and Conditions of each Service.

Article 5 - Specific features of the Application


The Application is a free application which includes the following information and key services:
Schedules and airlines:  : flight schedules for arrivals and departures, flight-sharing by email, real time notifications of changes in flight status, alerts in the case of unusual events, information on airlines serving a city or country.
■ Customer account: creation and management of your customer account; order tracking; favourite flights; information about the Loyalty Programme: tracking loyalty points, presentation of benefits and discounts, refer a friend, etc.
■ Reservation and payment of parking with price comparison as well as reservation of other services, such as excursions, museum passes, hotels, flights, car hire, etc.
■ Search for shops, bars and restaurants by filtering the search list by type and brand logo.
Directions: information on how to access airports, interactive maps of terminals.
Services available in terminals, practical information, formalities, news and services available in the business area, etc.

The Application is available in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. Certain features are only available in French and English.

The list of the Application's functions is likely to change, and Aéroports de Paris reserves the right to add or delete services without prior notice.
The Application is available for mobile devices using the Apple iOS or Android OS operating systems.
The minimal configurations that will enable the operation of the service are:
-  a device with iOS 9 or Android 4.4 or later versions; 
-  a device that enables internet access (via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G).

Aéroports de Paris will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Application is available at all times. However, the User declares that it is fully informed that certain functions of the Application are provided through the internet and mobile networks and that the availability of the said networks determines access to these functions. Aéroports de Paris shall thereby be absolved of any liability in the event of unavailability of the Service for any reason whatsoever.
In particular, the flight schedules shown in the Application are provided by the airlines. Aéroports de Paris cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy or error in the flight schedules indicated. 

Article 6 - Personal data protection

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the "GDPR") and French data protection law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended by law no. 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 on personal data protection, Aéroports de Paris is the data controller for the processing of your personal data.

■ The General Privacy Policy informs you about the different types of processing that Aéroports de Paris may carry out on the personal data of its passengers, companions, customers, candidates, or users of the Site and about the rights of these individuals with regard to the data processing carried out.

The Paris Aéroport Online Services Privacy Policy informs you of the processing carried out on your personal data when using the services accessible from the Site and the Application, as well as of all the rights you can exercise with regard to the data processing carried out. 

Article 7 - Intellectual property rights


The images, text, programmes and other components of the Site and the Application are protected by intellectual property rights. 
The total or partial reproduction and/or representation and/or publication of the Site or the Application, in any way and by any means whatsoever, or of one or more elements that comprise them (including the trademark "Paris Aéroport" and/or its logo, alone or in combination), is prohibited without the express, prior and written agreement of Aéroports de Paris.
Failure to comply with the aforementioned provision constitutes a breach of intellectual property rights and may entail the perpetrator's criminal and/or civil liability. Aéroports de Paris reserves the right to bring any legal proceedings against said perpetrator. 
No hypertext link to the Site be used without the express prior written consent of Aéroports de Paris.

Article 8 - Liability 


Aéroports de Paris does not issue any guarantee with respect to the performance of the Site or the Application or the availability of the Online Services.
Aéroports de Paris may only be held liable with respect to the User for acts directly attributable to it and which caused damage directly related to such acts. It may not be held liable for indirect damage. Aéroports de Paris may not be held liable in the event of incorrect use of the Site or the Application by the User or in case of negligence by the User. Nor may it be held liable on account of facts attributable to a third party.
In addition, pursuant to Articles 6-I, 2 and 3 of Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on trust in the digital economy, Aéroports de Paris cannot be held liable for the content made available on the Site or the Application, particularly with regard to the description of the Online Services, with the exception of those provided by Aéroports de Paris, or for the assessments made by Users of the Services, unless it did not promptly make them unavailable after having been informed of their unlawfulness with respect to said Law.
Finally, Aéroports de Paris declines any liability with regard to the Services provided by its Partners through the Site, which are outside its control. Any complaint relating to the comments contained in the description of the Services provided by the Partners, for example, is redirected where appropriate to the Partner concerned, who shall assume full responsibility in this respect.
The User is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Site and the Application, particularly for the reviews he makes on the Site and the Application, and shall compensate Aéroports de Paris for any damage, loss, loss of profit, that it may suffer if it should become liable with respect to a third party due to an action related to the use made of the Site or the Application by the User.
The liability of the Parties is defined in the Special Terms and Conditions of the Service purchased by the User. 

Article 9 - Miscellaneous provisions 


9.1 Agreement on evidence

The User acknowledges, in its contractual relations with Aéroports de Paris, the validity and conclusive evidence of emails exchanged between the Parties and the electronic records made on the Site and the Application.

9.2 Force majeure

Aéroports de Paris shall not be held liable, or be considered as having breached the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and/or the Special Terms and Conditions, in the event of non-performance for force majeure pursuant to Article 1218 of the French Civil Code.

9.3 Partial nullity

Any provision of the General Terms and Conditions or Special Terms and Conditions which is declared null and void or unlawful by a competent judge will be invalid. The nullity of such a provision will not have an impact on the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions or Special Terms and Conditions or affect the validity thereof or their legal effect. 

9.4 Customer services

For any complaint regarding the use of the Site and/or the Application and/or the Online Services, the User may contact Customer Services. 

9.5 Governing law and attribution of jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. 
In the case of any dispute regarding the interpretation and execution of said terms and conditions, the Parties agree to seek an amicable solution. Should the Parties fail to reach an amicable settlement, they will bring said dispute before the competent French courts. 

In addition, in accordance with Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013, the European Commission has set up an Online Dispute Resolution platform facilitating the independent out-of-court settlement of online disputes between consumers and professionals of the European Union. This platform is accessible by clicking on the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/.