Paris Aéroport makes you travel safe:
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Paris-CDG : from March 29th at 11.30pm until further notice, flights operated from Paris-CDG terminal 1, 3, 2C, 2D & 2G are reassigned to others terminals.
Paris-Orly : from March 31th at 11:30pm until further notice, all flights operated are reassigned to Paris-CDG.

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Due to the current situation regarding the epidemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, traffic is reduced on the RER B (Find more).
Orlyval service is suspended from March 27 at 21:00 until further notice.

Warning! From April 6, Le Bus Direct shuttle service traffic is also interrupted (Find more). From June 15, Terminal 2EF and 2AC will be served by Line 2 and 4. Your alternatives to go / to from the airport: click here

The French government has taken measures to restrict mobility. Each person wishing to travelling will have to hold a document certifying the reason for his or her displacement. 
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Warning: access to the terminals of Paris airports is restricted to employees and passengers (with a reservation) who travel only in the context of the exceptions provided for. Taxis and transport are always available for these journeys.

At Charles-de-Gaulle

Airports' parking is strictly regulated for security reasons. Thus, stops in front of the terminals are prohibited outside the parking spaces located in the Terminal Parking or the drop-off.



More comfortable ! You are sheltered year-round, trolleys are available, and you have direct access to the terminal.


Cheaper ! First 10 minutes free and only €3 for each additional 15 minutes.


Less stress ! More time to say goodbye


When you arrive

Go to your destination area Orly 1/2/3/4, indicated by your relatives, on their boarding pass or flight confirmation.
Enjoy your loved ones

For a goodbye or reunion.
Pay your parking

At the exit terminals by credit card AMEX, LIBER'T, TOTAL GR or cash (tickets strictly less than 50 € accepted). A receipt will be issued automatically.


The terminals drop-off are open parkings near the departure and arrival terminals. 10 minutes maximum, €1 for the 11th minute, then €0.50 for each additional minute. Parking for over one hour is prohibited and may lead to towing.

Take your time and park at the departure terminal parking

Reunion after a long time or a goodbye that drags on, enjoy your loved ones without worrying about the passing of time!


Price on site

Drop-off "Arrivée minute" T2E
up to 30 min
Drop-off "Arrivée minute" T2E
31 min
Drop-off "Arrivée minute" T2E
Each additional minute
Drop-off "Arrivée minute" T2E
Beyond 1 hour
Removal required* : €120.18 / each additional day : €6.36
Drop-off "Arrivée minute" T2E

*In application of the Highway Code, supplemented by Prefectural Decree No. 2019-320 of 27/08/19 laying down the rules for airport parking
Note: The PHMR reduction does not apply to minute deposits.


Follow the orange signage of the "drop-off".

Particularity of the Terminal 2E : It exists two different "drop-off" areas. To pick up a passenger, go to the Minute Arrivals area of the Terminal 2E

If you arrive from in vehicule equipped with a macaron GIG/GIC , you have secure drop off places at the following locations:

  • Persons with reduced mobility

    • Terminal 1, exit 22
    • Terminal 2A, exit 4
    • Terminal 2C, exit 4
    • Terminal 2D, exit 5
    • Terminal 2E, exit 2.08
    • Terminal 2F, exit 2.13
    • Terminal 2G,in front of the departure hall
    • Terminal 3, in front of the departures hall