Since the appearance of the Coronavirus Covid-19, all Paris Aéroport teams have been mobilized to welcome, inform and guide passengers.
WEAR THE MASK IS MANDATORY IN AIRPORTS AND AIRPLANES from May 11, 2020: find out more about health precautions.

The car parks open at Paris-Charles de Gaulle are:

The PAB car park, which provides access to terminals 2A, 2C and 2D. The PEF car park, which provides access to terminals 2E and 2F
The PR and PX car parks, car parks remote from the terminals, provide access to all of the terminals in CDGVal.

The car parks open at Paris-Orly are:

Parking P3, which provides access to Orly 3 (5 minutes' walk). The P4c car park, which also gives access to Orly 3 (10 minutes' walk).

If you have a reservation in a closed car park, go to the car park associated with your terminal in the list above.


MONTHLY OPTION (from 1 January 2019)

ANNUAL OPTION (from 1 January 2018)

Additional costs: 

•  Replacing lost card: 20€
•  Restitution card confiscated for misuse: 20€
•  Failure to return card rescinded: 20€
•  Reactivation of a card: 20€
•  Order Cancellation (cards published): 20€

Informations : 

** Only for airline staff
*** Only for airline staff or retail staff in Sud or Ouest terminals
**** Only for airline and DPAF staff

- Max parking duration for each option are specified in Article 3 of the General Sales Conditions.

How to subscribe?

• By e-mail :
• By phone : +33 (0)1 70 03 32 27
• At CDG : subscription office - building 288 - 4st floor - Office 4220
• By mail at the following address: 

Aéroport Paris-Orly
Bureau des abonnements parkings
Unité Opérationnelle des Accès et Parcs
103 Aérogare Sud - CS90055

Paris-Orly car park