Présentation des Expos chez Paris AéroportIn our terminals now...

Paris Aéroport presents new exhibitions at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly Airport.

See the "Paris, Peinture&Photo" exhibition in terminal 1
See "The Parisianer" exhibition in terminal 2E, hall M
See "Paris, capitale de la création" in Terminal Sud 





Current exhibitions

Everywhere in our airports, Paris Aéroport is committed to showcasing the best of culture so that art is also part of the travel experience. In tribute to Paris and France, it offers a programme based on two themes:

The radiance of French heritage (1) ;
Supporting French creation (2).   

  • ADP-2016-jean-jullien-Gwen Le Bras-vignette

    Jean Jullien (2)
    March 2016 to March 2018
    The French illustrator gets a blank check at Paris-Orly.

  • ADP-2016-French-pop-Bruno Pellarin-vignette

    French Pop (2)
    June 2016 to June 2018
    Paris Aéroport offers you a musical journey in pictures at Paris-Orly.

  •   Expo Louis Lumière

    "Students Take a Look at the City of Light" (1) 
    Late 2016 to late 2018
    In partnership with the École Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, Paris Aéroport presents a photo exhibition focusing on the City of Light.    


  • ADP-2016-chateau-de-versaille-Bruno Pellarin-vignette

    "Courtyard Side-Garden Side" (1)
    30 June 2016 to 30 June 2019
    In partnership with the Palace of Versailles, large-scale photos welcome visitors to Terminal 1.

  • ADP-leo-caillard-2015-Gwen Le Bras-vignette

    Léo Caillard (1) 
    September 2015 to 15 December 2018
    The panoramic vision of Paris and a monumental fresco by the artist at Paris-Orly.

  • ADP-2015-le-louvre-Gwen Le Bras-vignette

    "Parc Rives de Seine" exhibition"(1)
    February 2017 to February 2019
    Paris Aéroport offers passengers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle a foretaste of the new Parc Rives de Seine, dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Expo Paris Musées

    "Paris Musées" (1)
    January 2017 to late 2018
    In partnership with Paris Musées, Paris Aéroport presents a photo exhibition featuring works from every municipal museum of the City of Paris.  

  • expo-hall-M-Aeroports-de-Paris-vignette

    Photo exhibitions in Terminal 2E, Hall M of Paris-Charles de Gaulle (1)
    November 2015 to November 2018
    Discover "The Big Chill Seen by Jean-Louis Etienne": Paris Aéroport hosts photographers from the French explorer's expeditions.