Protect your bags

Bag Wrap are Paris Aéroport's only authorized wrapping partner.
Bag Wrap's hygienic and ultra-resistant wrapping film securely protects your luggage against unauthorized access for maximum safety and travel confidence. 

Last minute travel accessories / luggage, bag tracking and luggage weigh services are also available in-store for your convenience.
Protect your luggage and ensure peace of mind when you travel.




- 10 %
off for members of the My Paris Aéroport Loyality programme

Bag Wrap for luggage security  

We recommend the premium Ultra Wrap service which protects your luggage in a hygienic and resistant film ensuring it cannot be damaged or stolen and is easy to identify and recognise.
For ultimate peace of mind Ultra Wrap includes a complementary luggage tracking tag and indemnification against loss for which the airline is responsible (subject to conditions).

Bag Wrap for travel hygiene

Wrap your luggage for enhanced travel hygiene. Bag Wrap’s film protects your bags with an ultra-resistant hygienic shield, protecting your luggage against germs and bacteria for maximum safety and 100% travel confidence.

Bag Wrap for travel accessories / luggage 

Bag Wrap kiosks are perfect for last-minute travel accessories and luggage needs. Locks, luggage tags, luggage straps, travel adapters and memory pillows are all available alongside hard and soft-sided luggage from leading travel brands.

Why choose Bag Wrap

Secure luggage wrapping


The extra-tough, protective film ensures effective protection against damage, theft and luggage opening whilst in transit.

Includes indemnification & tracking


Premium Ultra Wrap: includes complementary luggage tracking and up €4,000 compensation if your Bag is permanently lost (subject to conditions).


Eco-friendly wrap film


The ultra-resistant wrap film is 100% recyclable and designed to be recycled.


Seal your luggage and travel confident

Prices from: 

Bag Wrap’s protective film provides your luggage with a hygienic and effective barrier against all conditions. 
The extra tough and resistant film ensures effective protection against damage, scuffs, rain, dirt, accidental opening, tampering and partial or total theft.  
The ultra-resistant film also provides a hygienic shield against germs and bacteria.  
Bag Wrap’s film is environmentally friendly, designed to be recycled and 100% recyclable. Please be responsible. Always recycle.

Bag Wrap is the only luggage wrapping service approved and authorised by Paris Aéroport.

Preparing your luggage : weight, dimensions, contents, loss, damage and delay...  More information

Where to get your luggage securely wrapped

Customers who purchase online in advance will receive a confirmation email of your Bag Wrap purchase. 
Your email will contain all the details you need, show it at the Bag Wrap kiosk of your choice (or print it if you don't have access to your emails on your phone).

You can visit any of our  Bag Wrap desks to redeem your purchase.

‘Walk up’ customers are welcome. 

If you are flying from Paris-Charles de Gaulle:

Paris Aéroports only authorised luggage wrapping service is available from luggage wrapping kiosk in the following terminals: 

Paris-Charles De Gaulle, Terminal 2B, Level 1, Opposite Registration Zone 2 
Opening hours: 08:45 am to 05:45 pm

Paris-Charles De Gaulle, Terminal 2E, Level 2, Entrance 2/3
Opening hours: 04:30 am to 09:30 pm

Paris-Charles De Gaulle, Terminal 2E, Level 2, Entrance 11/12
Opening hours: 04:30 am to 08:15 pm 

Paris-Charles De Gaulle, Terminal 2E, Level 2, Entrance 14
Opening hours: 04:30 am to 09:30 pm 

If you are flying from Paris-Orly:

Paris Aéroports only authorised luggage wrapping service is available from luggage wrapping kiosk in the following terminals: 

Paris-Orly, Orly 1, Level 1, Entrance 12D
Paris-Orly, Orly 3, Level 1, Entrance 32D

Opening hours: 04:00 am to 08:30 pm

Paris-Orly, Orly 4, Level 0, Entrance 45D
Opening hours: 04:00 to 08:30 pm


Free cancellation up to 6 hours prior to your arrival.

Excess_baggage_logoLuggage wrapping services made available to you through are provided by Bag Wrap a trading name of Excess Baggage Company France (Societe par actions simplifiee [Societe a associe unique] Capital Social 3500€), headquarters located at 25 Place de Madeleine – 75008 PARIS, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris under n° RCS 900 442 609.

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The luggage wrapping online reservation service is currently unavailable. In order to protect your bags, you can go directly to the Bag Wrap kiosks at the airport on the day of your trip, without reservation.