In partnership with Cerballiance laboratory, Paris Aéroport, is offering passengers in transit to China the opportunity to undergo two tests that enable screening and diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

As the health standards that are currently in force vary depending on the destination country and may change at any time, all passengers in transit are asked to contact their airline and should also check the health requirements stipulated by their destination country using the website for the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

For passengers in transit who are travelling to China, as of 6 November 2020, the Chinese authorities require all passengers to present negative virology (RT-PCR) and serology (IgM antibodies) test results for COVID-19.

Before booking your test, we invite you to check carefully the opening hours of the testing centre and conditions related to transit with the Chinese Embassy in France.

  • The virology test (RT-PCR)

    This test is performed after nasopharyngeal sampling: this involves taking a sample of cells in the nasopharynx using a swab, a type of long cotton bud that is inserted into the nasal cavities. 
    This is a non-invasive test, which only takes a few seconds. The technique that is used ("PCR"), enables detection of the genetic material (RNA) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  • The serology test (IgM antibodies)

    This test involves a blood test, otherwise known as a blood sample (there is no need to fast beforehand) and it identifies the presence of specific COVID-19 antibodies (qualitative detection of IgG and/or IgM in the serum). It indicates that the person has been in contact with the virus. The protective nature of antibodies has not yet been officially established.


1/ You book your test online

Once you have made your booking, you will be offered time slots during which you can access the test centre, based on the time and date you are due to arrive at Paris-CDG and your connecting flight.

Our advice :

So that your onward journey runs smoothly, it is recommended that you allow for sufficient transfer time between your arrival at Paris-CDG and your next flight (at least 10 hours), in order to ensure you have enough time to take both tests and obtain the results.

Please note that you must make one booking for each named individual (therefore it is not possible to book one slot for several people to be tested at once).
The mobile phone number written on the booking form must be accessible on the French territory and must be the one of the person being tested (a mobile phone number used to proceed to multi-reservations will not receive the test report download information).
Children travelling to China with their parent(s) must also be tested*. The booking must be made by an adult (over 18 years of age).

The Chinese government requires a veinous blood sample (IGM test) for all passengers travelling to China, whatever their age. However, for health safety reasons, our Covid-19 testing centre will not make any blood test (IGM test) for any child under 2 years of age.  

Paris Aéroport and Cerballiance disclaim all responsibility if you travel to China with a child under 2 years of age.

*Children under 2 y.o. cannot be tested at the airport.  

2/ You take your test at the airport

Upon your arrival at the test centre in the transit area you must present your flight ticket, your passport, and the online booking confirmation for your test. 

Test results may be returned a maximum of 2 hours before the flight departure time, including the time it takes to carry out all stages of the screening process: welcome, sampling, analysis, administrative procedures and communication of the result.  

3/ You receive your results 

As soon as your results are ready, you will receive a message via your mobile phone (to the number provided during the online booking process). This message will invite you to go and collect a paper copy of your test results from the results collection area in the Test Centre. You will also be able to access your results online (via access codes that will be assigned to you by Cerballiance, allowing you to log in to their official website and download your results).

Please note that the time it takes to return the results may vary, depending on the volume of passengers using our test centre. 

4/ You board your flight

As soon as you receive a negative result for both tests, you may proceed to your boarding gate, where you must present a paper copy of your results to your airline.

In the event of a positive result:
 in one or both of your tests, you will be contacted and accompanied for the purposes of quarantining under prefectural authority. Please note, you remain responsible for the consequences (accommodation and meal costs shall be borne by the passenger, in addition to the cost for a repeat test). 



To access the screening centre for passengers in transit, follow the signs for Terminal 2E, Gates K, pass through security and then proceed to the lower level, heading towards boarding gates K21-27 (you can take the lift or stairs up to these gates). The test centre is situated opposite boarding gates K25 and K26.
We invite you to check carefully the opening hours of the testing centre before proceeding to booking of your tests.

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RT-PCR + serology test = 285 €


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    • Monday, from 6am to noon
    • Wednesday, from 6am to 7pm
    • Thursday, from 5am to noon
    • Sunday, from 7am to noon


  • ADMINISTRATIVE OPENING HOURS (for test result collection)

    • Monday, from 6am to noon
    • Wednesday, from 6am to 9pm
    • Thursday, from 5am to 3pm
    • Sunday, from 6am to noon
    Information will be updated if there is any change on opening days / hours


    Please dial 3950 (*€0.35 incl. tax/min. from landlines in mainland France. Additional fees may be charged by your local telephone operator). From abroad, please dial +33 1 70 36 39 50


For further details on the general terms and conditions of sale, click here

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