Specific terms of use for the Business Area service


By accessing and remaining within the Business Area section, it is assumed that the User has read these specific terms of use and accepted them without reservation. As these are liable to change, the User should consult them regularly since any new version is immediately binding on the user.


Business Area refers to a particular section of the application Paris Aéroport developed by Aéroports de Paris for business travellers. This is a program for networking, obtaining information and enjoying advantages.

It is primarily intended for business travellers, whether or not they travel frequently, who go through Hall 20 of Paris-Orly West.

Using this service requires installation of the Paris Aéroport application.

3. DATA PROTECTION          

All personal information provided by the User when they sign up to the service and while they use the Application will be used by Aéroports de Paris in compliance with its confidentiality policy that you can read at [Business Area Confidentiality Policy (in French)].


If the User wishes to access the Business Area services, including networking between Users, they should sign up to the service. This procedure requires filling in a form that groups together the relevant data necessary for the Service to operate. All this data will be used in strict compliance with the Confidentiality charter. The list of services is liable to change, and Aéroports de Paris reserves the possibility to add or discontinue services without prior notice.

By signing up to the service, the User will create both an Aéroports de Paris account and a Business Area account. The data provided upon creation of each of these accounts will be subject to two separate procedures of the data processing stipulated in the conditions of the Confidentiality Charter.

The User acknowledges and accepts that the rights and obligations resulting from their contractual relations with their mobile telephone operator apply when they are using the Application.  They declare that they have been informed of and accepted that access to Business Area services can incur costs that they shall cover entirely.


The Application is offered for mobile devices using Apple iOS operating systems. 

The minimal configurations that will enable the operation of the service are: 

-          a device of which the operating system is iOS 7 or a more recent version 

-          a device that enables Internet access (via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G)

-          a device with Bluetooth, that is compatible with iBeacon technology and that includes geolocation technology

Aéroports de Paris will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Application is available at all times.  However, the User declares that they are fully informed that the Application is provided through the Internet and mobile networks and that the availability of said networks determines access to the Service. Aéroports de Paris shall thereby be absolved of any liability in the event of unavailability of the Service whatsoever may be the reasons thereof. 


Aéroports de Paris cannot be held liable for any harm caused when the Business Space is being used. In particular, Aéroports de Paris refuses to accept any liability for damage of the User's device.