Who does what at the airport?
Roles and responsibilities explained

From your arrival to takeoff, discover our zone-by-zone breakdown of the airport, so you know what happens and who is in charge at every step along the way in your journey.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Paris Aéroport answers your questions to help you better prepare for your journey.

From check-in and baggage drop-off to security checkpoints and customs, you must complete several different steps before you take off. Join us as we take a guided tour of the airport!

Your initial approach: outside the airport

Your first contact with the airport terminal happens outside the building. Depending on if you arrive by car, public transit or taxi, you may interact with different members of our staff.

Arriving by car?

Take advantage of our parking service in our secure car parks. To save yourself some time and stress, book your space online in advance. You can then view the complete availability and lock in the best rate. 

Prefer public transit?

Two major operators manage all public transit:  

  • RATP: with the OrlyVal RER train via Antony, the RoissyBus service via Opéra, and OrlyBus via Denfert-Rochereau…  

  • SNCF: with the TGV and RER trains. 

Easily compare the different public transit options available to reach or leave our Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports.

Taking a taxi?

Taxis are managed by private companies. However, we coordinate all taxi traffic to ensure the fastest service at our airports. To prepare for your arrival, check out our tips for hailing taxis at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.

Alert: Fake taxis = real risks! With the rise in illegal taxis and other fake transport vehicles, protect yourself from scams by following our tips.

In the public area of the airport

Also known as the “city side”, the airport’s public area is accessible with or without a plane ticket. It notably includes the reception and check-in areas.

First steps in the airport: reception

As soon as you arrive at the airport, our teams are there to welcome, inform and direct you. They are ready to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Do you have a disability? Paris Aéroport is ready to facilitate your trip. We offer special assistance for People with Reduced Mobility, as well as several medical centres.

Browse through our shops or enjoy a snack break! We carefully select the brands that will ensure you have the best shopping and dining experience.

Keep an eye on the overhead display panels. We update them regularly with information provided to us by the airlines.

First steps in the airport: reception on arrival

The airline's staff invites you to get off the plane after landing. Follow the "Baggage - Exit" or "Transfer" signs if you are stopping for a short time in Paris.

Check in with Border Police. Then go to the baggage claim area to pick up your suitcases and bags stored in the aircraft's hold. If necessary, use the airport's free luggage carts.

Finally, before leaving the airport, a check may be carried out by customs.

Travelling with baggage: check-in

It’s now time to take care of your baggage. Your airline will check and manage the delivery of your baggage in the hold. The airline also sets all the baggage rules that you must follow. On our end, we provide airlines with dedicated spaces for their check-in counters and kiosks, as well as all the necessary equipment. Browse the airline directory and find all the practical information you need for your trip.

Post-security areas

You are now entering the passenger-only areas which are divided into two parts: the passenger area and the boarding areas.

Security checkpoints

The passenger-only area is accessible to ticketed passengers only. Are you accompanying a passenger? You may not follow them past the check-in counters. 

This is where you pass through the security checkpoint. These are operated by service providers who are certified and overseen by the French government. Selecting and managing these providers is a public service assigned to us by the French government. This is a crucial step in the air transport process, so be sure to check out our best practices to make security checkpoints a breeze.

For international flights,
ID checks at borders are carried out by the Border Police in collaboration with us. In some cases, you may use the PARAFE automated border control system. Otherwise, border patrol officers will inspect your documents.
For flights within the Schengen area,
if you are a French national, you can travel without passing through border control. However, you must still carry a valid form of ID with you.

Bonus tip

Keep an eye out for prohibited items

Be careful not to bring any of these items on your trip, as they will be confiscated at security checkpoints.

Tthe boarding area

This is the final step before getting on the plane. The boarding area is also called the transit area and includes the boarding lounge, gates as well as restaurants, stores and services. It is cleaned regularly by Paris Aéroport’s dedicated partners. Your airline manages the jetway or shuttle to your plane and manages all passengers who have missed their flight.

Bonus tip

Take advantage of our services.

Your wait in the boarding area is the perfect time to check out our stores and restaurants. In our terminals, you can also enjoy several unique experiences: destress in our relaxation area, marvel at our cultural exhibitions, listen to our playlists and more. Discover suggestions to enjoy the best of what Paris Aéroport has to offer during your trip.