In order to make your wait in the boarding gate lounges more comfortable and entertaining, Paris Aéroport offers you an entertaining, high-tech, and innovative service.

A multi-touch games carousel

This fun space offers classic games such as checkers and chess as well as 5 other games:

  • 1

    Where is Gus
    Find the Paris Aéroport mascot hidden in a series of photos.

  • 2

    Globe Trotters
    Players have to place a flag on its corresponding country.

  • 3

    Match up pairs of images.

  • 4

    Getting to the airport
    This game asks players to find the shortest route to their aircraft.

  • 5

    Piece together French landscapes and villages in this game with varying levels of difficulty.

More fun...less stress

The touchscreen games areas, available in several of our terminals, offer various board games, provide fun and educational games for your children and give you access to the "Airport photos" app.

How it works ?

The games tables, aimed at passengers of all ages, are surrounded by three comfortable, height-adjustable stools and are large enough to accommodate multiple players: 143 cm long and 102 cm wide Their height also offers easy access to passengers with reduced mobility.
Totems show where these areas are located and offer passengers an enjoyable time before boarding their flight.
To start playing, just turn the carousel to select a game in French or English.

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