rue to form, Paris Aéroport opens its doors to young artistic creations. From the end
of March, graphic-designer Jean Jullien will exhibit his works at Paris-Orly.

Our airports want your journey to include the best in culture. So, to inaugurate the new extension of the East Pier at Paris-Orly Sud, we will be exhibiting works by Jean Jullien, a London-based graphic designer from Nantes, who regularly works for publications such as Le Nouvel Observateur and The New York Times.

Our carte blanche project underscores Paris Aéroport’s commitment to supporting young French artists.

Showcased on the walls of the East Pier, the 15 works, featuring naive lines and warm colors, poke fun at our frailties and invite viewers to discover Paris and France via funny graphics. La Scène exposes our addiction to smartphones, Ramen revels in our taste for exotic flavors, while Luxury mocks our conformity.

Is it true that the French are complainers? It’s possible. 
What’s certain is that Jean Jullien wonderfully lampoons us all..



End of March 2016 to end of March 2018
Paris-Orly Airport
New link, South terminal


  • chefs-diapo

    Chefs - © Jean Jullien

  • 50x70-ramen-diapo

    Ramen - © Jean Jullien

  • a1-la-scene-diapo

    La scène - © Jean Jullien

  • 66x-81cm-luxury-diapo

    Luxury - © Jean Jullien

  • a1-us-diapo

    US - © Jean Jullien

  • 15

    3 questions for Jean Jullien:

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