aris-Charles de Gaulle is partnering with the Palace of Versailles to present a photography exhibit devoted to Louis XIV's former home. 

Explore the Sun King's home through 38 photos on display in Terminal 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

This immersive photographic experience shows off the architecture, sculptures and decorations of this gem of France's cultural heritage.

The photographs echo the palace's artful design: the checkered floor of the Galerie Basse, the vaulted ceiling of the Galerie des Batailles, the enfilades of Louis XIV's rooms, etc. With three different colour palettes (blue, green and gold), the images offer an original perspective on the site. They play with light and shadow to underline the symbolism of the sun in this iconic monument to Louis XIV's reign.


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    © Arnaud Gaulupeau

  • versailles2

    © Arnaud Gaulupeau

  • versailles3

    © Arnaud Gaulupeau

  • versailles4

    © Arnaud Gaulupeau

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    © Arnaud Gaulupeau

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