Published on 30 January 2020

Paris Aéroport informs you of the measures implemented on the Coronavirus

Since 18 January, in coordination with French Health authorities, Paris Aéroport has implemented all around the Parisian airports specific information posters to deliver medical advice to all incoming passengers.


Coronavirus advises

In addition, still in contact with the health authorities, we have set up medical support service since January 26. This service concerns flights from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea with medical personnel mobilized every day to provide appropriate advice and distribute masks.

The Paris Aéroport Emergency Medical Service has demonstrated its ability to manage the latest global epidemics, making it one of the most experienced services (SARS, EBOLA, Mer-Cov). It ensures 7/7 24/24 its missions of reception of passengers.



As with any infectious disease, it is recommended that all travellers follow normal hygiene measures, including frequent hand washing with soap or disinfection with a hydro-alcoholic solution. Wearing a mask is recommended only for sick people with symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough, difficulty breathing).