As well as being the capital of fashion, culture and history, Paris is above all the city of dreams and love! Instant Paris, the new lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, was inspired by this French art of living.

Paris Aéroport opens its lounge for passengers in transit 

To offer all passengers in transit in Terminal 2E a unique experience of relaxation and well-being, Instant Paris brings you an atmosphere reminiscent of a Parisian apartment:

• Yotel, an innovative hotel in an international area to relax for a couple of hours or even for a night.
• A place of relaxation, culture and entertainment, in true Parisian style.
• A restaurant called Naked, to enjoy organic food in a relaxed environment.

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Instant Paris, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 2E Hall L, in the Duty free area.

chambre-yotelYotel, an innovative hotel unlike any other

In the heart of Instant Paris, Yotel is opening its first hotel in France in the transit area of Terminal 2E. 80 comfortable and connected rooms available for families in transfer to rest for a couple of hours or even an entire night.

• "Premium" double room from €75
• "Quad Prime" room for 4 people from €95
• Shower area available from €15

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