The great crossing of the museums of the City of Paris

The richness of the heritage of Paris is unveiled before the eyes of passengers in our airports. An example is "A Walk through the Museums of the City of Paris", an exhibition offered by Paris Aéroport in partnership with Paris Musées.

This original exhibition offers a trip back in time through the 14 museums of the City of Paris (Palais Galliera, Petit Palais, musée de la Vie romantique, the Catacombs, etc). It puts outstanding collections into perspective and is chronological, starting with the Musée Cognacq-Jay, which traces the history of the Cognacqs, who founded La Samaritaine, and ending with the Musée du Général-Leclerc et de la Libération de Paris-Musée Jean-Moulin.

Large photo panels in two arrival corridors in Terminal 2F of Paris-Charles de Gaulle trace the identity and particularity of each site through a multitude of gazes.

An atypical overview, a close-up on a detail and fragments of objects, paintings, sculptures, etc. reconstruct the place's atmosphere. A transition (door, window or opening) leads to the next museum.

Lastly, it is an entertaining exhibition that reflects the capital's cultural diversity. Until late 2018.

  • Exposition "Balade dans les musées de la Ville de Paris" en partenariat avec Paris Musées

  • Terminal 2F de Paris-Charles de Gaulle

  • Crédit photo : ©Bruno Pellarin

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    Crédit photo : Bruno Pellarien