he many paintings, sketches and photographs featured in this exhibition prove that Hergé, found father of European graphic novel, counts as a major 20th-century artist.

Hergé, the artist behind Tintin

For only the second time in its history, the Grand Palais is showcasing a graphic novel artist, Georges Remi, aka Hergé, who was included in the Carambolages exhibition last spring.

The Palais mounts a new posthumous dedication to the inventor of the "clear line", who was himself a great collector of Miró. Hergé's heirs at Editions Moulinsart greet his introduction into the pantheon of leading 20th century artists with a generous exhibition.

The aesthetic influences and biographical foundations of Hergé's work are beoing closely analyzed. "I put my entire life into Tintin", said Hergé: boy-scout memories, passion for primitive art, his exploration of Tibetan Buddhism...

Hergé exhibition - from 28 September 2016 to 15 January 2017. Grand Palais - Galeries nationales - Paris 8th
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Roger Tallon, pioneer of design

The Montmartre funicular, the Téléavia P111 portable television and the Module M400 spiral staircase… the utltratalented Roger Tallon  profoundly influenced all areas of French daily life.

The retrospective at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs features scores of iconic objects, drawings, sketches, photographs and the story behind Tallon's multifaceted process.

Roger Tallon, le design en mouvement - from 8 September 2016 to 8 January 2017 - Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris 1st
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