During your stay in our terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, you may have noticed the presence of two digital totems, inviting our passengers to make a donation. Indeed, Fondation Groupe ADP, in partnership with UNICEF, launched a donation operation to raise awareness, educate, but also encourage a long-term commitment in order to fight against social exclusion through education.

Since its creation, Groupe ADP Foundation has been involved against illiteracy in France and around the world, nurturing the desire to learn and share from a very young age. This digital campaign is fully in line with these objectives because all the donations collected will support different programs to fight illiteracy by offering children additional material and human resources to ensure their personal development.

Fun and useful: discover the gift 2.0

Faites vos dons à l'UNICEF à l'aéroportThanks to this digital campaign, you can offer the best chances of good growth and development for each child.

The process is quite simple. You just have to go near the screen installed by the creative start-up Common Cents, choose the amount of your donation, approach your NFC payment card and it will be immediately debited.

This totem makes the donation fun and rewarding, just with a contactless payment. Our small everyday actions will lead to positive results and will have a long-term social impact. 250 000 000 less than 5 year old children are deprived of future opportunities because of illiteracy. Giving 15 euros is already helping 50 of them by offering a personal UNICEF exercise book adapted to their needs.
  This digital operation, in partnership with UNICEF, will be launched on 20 November, the World Children's Day which offers each of us an inspirational entry-point to advocate, promote but also celebrate children's rights.

World children's day

Everything that is not given is, by nature, lost

Indeed, the world remains a deeply unfair place for the children who are living in an extreme and chronic poverty and do not meet the social, moral, economic and cultural conditions to develop their potential, dreams and hopes. Thus, it is crucial that people are raising their voices and activating their social media in order to help spur action for the world's most vulnerable children. 

Hence, do not hesitate to support this inspiring initiative if you happen to travel through the terminal 2E. Together, we can offer a better future by helping these children in the first years of their lives. Find out more UNICEF's actions