Photomaton photo booth

Sit in one of the new photo booths designed by Philippe Stark and get yourself some impeccable passport photos!
These photos are certified as meeting the standards required for all of your official documents. 

And what is more, there are other Photomaton tools that allow you to:
• develop your photos at the digital terminals
• create mini albums of photos in 10x15 format
• create your first genuinely "fun" and 100% original photo and post it to your Facebook page
• do photocopies in black and white

It is possible to pay for the use of the photo booths and digital development terminals (Starck booths only) by credit card.

Location of Photomaton photo booths

Photomaton photo booths can be found in all of the terminals, principally in the public areas.

  • Paris-Charles de Gaulle

    - Terminal 1, Cdgval level
    - Terminal 3,  departures hall
    -  RER station terminal, waiting room
    - Terminal 2A, level -1 and departures level, exit 6
    - Terminal C, car park access
    - Terminal 2E, arrivals level
    - Terminal 2F, arrivals level and exit Cdgval

  • Paris-Orly

    - Orly 1-2, arrivals 1, departures 1 
    - Orly 4, 1st underground level and  1st floor (near to the TO desks)