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Looking for a hotel, transport or an idea for visiting Paris?

In partnership with Région Ile-de-France, 7 TOURIST INFORMATION areas are now ready to help you directly inside the Paris-Charles de Gaulle terminals as you exit Luggage reclaim.

Staff provide assistance, practical information and a range of tourist services and products that will make your stay in Paris pleasant and easy: hotel bookings, transport tickets, Paris Museum Pass, tickets for excursions, cabarets and Disneyland, plus maps, brochures and information about events in Paris.


Locations of tourist information areas and opening hours:

Paris-Orly terminal West, Arrivals gate A                                  7.15am – 8.30pm
Paris-Orly terminal South, Arrivals gate K                                  7.15am – 8.30pm
Paris CDG, Terminal 2C, opposite gate 5                                  7.15am – 9.00pm
Paris CDG, terminal 2D, gate 5                                                7.15am – 9.00pm
Paris CDG, terminal 2E, Arrivals Galerie de liaison gate 2          7.15am – 9.00pm
Paris CDG, Terminal 2F, Arrivals, gate 11                                 7.15am – 9.00pm
Paris CDG, Terminal 1, Arrivals, gate 4                                    7.15am – 9.00pm

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