Whether you want to update your loved ones, get information on an exhibition or restaurant, or work, you've got a thousand good reasons to want to stay connected while on the go. From the airport to the plane to your hotel, here’s all you need to know to have a seamless Internet connection and keep your telephone well-charged.

Stay connected at the airport

Get free Wi-Fi

Enjoy a free unlimited Internet connection in our airports, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, as well as in hotels and exhibition sites, thanks to our large network of Wi-Fi hotspots*.
All you need to do in order to connect is to select the 
Wi-Fi "WIFI-AIRPORT" network from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you’re all set! This will take you to the following pages:

*Wi-Fi is offered by Paris Aéroport and operated by Hub One. 
Hub One is a Groupe ADP company.


Useful tip: If you want to check your emails or bank accounts, go for an Internet connection using your mobile data. 
That’s because our Wi-Fi, since it’s open and free, is not secure. People with malicious intent could monitor your activities easily on it. 

Stay connected in-flight

Though connecting to the Internet from the ground has become commonplace, doing so at 10,000 km altitude is a relatively recent phenomenon. This advance is now possible through the constant efforts of airlines.

Because the complexity of transporting data from aboard an airplane has a cost, only about ten airlines provide free Wi-Fi. These include Emirates, Nok Air and Norwegian. The majority, like Air France, British Airways and Iberia, offer plans generally priced from 10 to more than 30 euros. For more information, contact your airline.

Stay connected abroad with no added fees

Today, surfing the Internet abroad with no added fees is within reach of everyone... So long as you have good reflexes.  

If you’re travelling within Europe: Nothing you do needs to change

Since June 2017, major European telecom carriers have agreed to end roaming charges in the 28 countries of the European Union, as well as Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Your calls, SMS/MMS messages, and data are now included in your flat-rate payment the same way, whether you're in France or in another EU country. With respect to data usage, however, be mindful: Downloading or watching streaming videos is considered an “unreasonable use” of your data, and therefore may be charged extra.  

If you’re travelling outside the European Union: Opt for secure Wi-Fi networks

If you’re travelling in a country outside the European Union, using your mobile plan will still incur roaming charges. When this happens, your carrier is required to send you a text message once you arrive alerting you to the local rates for calls, texts, and data usage. We recommend carefully reading this message to avoid any nasty surprises and to turn off cellular data access once you land. This is because the rates applied are generally very high, potentially more than ten euros per MB in some countries.  

But don't panic! Even without 4G, you’ll still be able to easily access the Internet. Just connect to the Wi-Fi networks of hotels, restaurants, and other public places you visit. Most of these places now have free Wi-Fi hotspots, which is very useful for consulting a map or museum website.  

On the other hand, such connections are not secure, so avoid using them to log in to your online bank or e-mail account. People with malicious intent could intercept your data. For any operations that require a connection with a password, wait until you have access to a closed Wi-Fi network secured by a code. If an emergency requires that you check sensitive data when the only Internet connection available is an open one, use your browser rather than an app, and make sure that the website you need to go to uses the HTTPS protocol. 

Finally, for passengers, who want to browse the Internet safely wherever they are, subscribing to a virtual private network (VPN) for a few euros a month is a safe, effective solution. 

Recharge your electronic devices for free

Once the Internet connection is live, are you torn between recharging your phone that has only 20% battery left or heading to the duty-free to buy something to slake your thirst on the plane? Well, why not both? Our ChargeBox charging stations will let you leave your phone to charge in a safe space while you do your shopping. Nearly a hundred stations are available free of charge, 24/7 in all terminals of Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, near the boarding lounges.  
Borne de recharge

How exactly does the ChargeBox service work?  

Put simply, in three steps: 

  • 1

     Place your electronic device that needs recharging (tablet, smartphone, portable game console, etc.) in one of the boxes,

  • 2

    Plug your device in directly to the adapter that matches the right brand (Apple, Samsung, etc.),

  • 3

    Lock your box and feel free to roam while your device charges safely. 

Find a ChargeBox station

An app to help you find all the information you need

To help you find your way and get the most out of your time in our airports or your stay in over 70 destinations, we've developed an app: Paris Aéroport. It's easy to use and will deal with all your needs.  

Paris Aéroport: find all of our services in one click.


With this free app available in 11 languages, you can get all the information you need in one click to make the most of your time in our airports. Arrival and departure times, real-time notifications of flight status changes, interactive terminal maps, filter search for shops, bars, and restaurants in our airports... Enjoy all of our services to the fullest with the Paris Aéroport app!

Download the Paris Aéroport app

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