Paris Aéroport Tea Tasting!

Originating from the hills of the Himalayas, tea has travelled from the East to the West for centuries. A beverage appreciated for its various aromas and virtues, it makes a wonderful gift or can be enjoyed with friends. In celebration of International Tea Day, let’s take a short break together in our airports.



Are you a little early for a loved one’s arrival?

Why not enjoy a hot cup of tea and a delicious macaroon in Ladurée'sboudoir-like atmosphere? (Paris-Charles de Gaulle 2E Level 2 Public Area, Orly 1 Level 1 et Orly 2 Level 1 Public Area)


Do you only have a few minutes to spare?

Brands such as Paul or Starbucks are able to offer you tea to drink on site or to go. Find bars and restaurants here



Do you still need gifts for family members and friends you’ll be seeing over the holidays?

Tea would certainly be appreciated by Aunt Louise or a cousin, one who really loves this beverage!

From the Mariage Frères gourmet tea company to souvenir gift shops in Paris, such as BuY Paris DUTY FREE, you’ll have your choice of provenance and originality.
And while waiting to board, stop at Costa Coffee or Bert’s, two elegant places to unwind before embarking on a long trip!