Landing and guidance

Paris Aéroport guarantees its customer airlines all of the services needed for smooth airport operations, especially in three key areas:

•  landing
•  guidance
•  luggage belts

These services are paid for by airport landing charges paid by airlines. Taxes are paid by passengers.


Paris Aéroport makes available to airlines its world class infrastructure comprising four runways at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and three at Paris-Orly. 
To guarantee a consistent level of service, Paris Aéroport handles the following operations: 

•  Maintenance of paved surfaces and surrounding areas,
•  Snow and ice removal,
•  Runway inspection,
•  Air navigation systems,
•  Drainage (equipment, maintenance, operation),
•  Repaying investment costs (runways and taxiways). 

These services are paid for by landing charges calculated on the basis of:

•  Aircraft Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) rounded up to the next metric ton,
•  Aircraft noise group (there are five groups),
•  Landing time (day/night) and airport used,
•  Type of flight (training, test, forced turnaround…).

Note that cargo/postal flights receive a 20% discount.

Runway lighting

Paris Aéroport provide the runway lighting system which operates every night and during the day in case of bad visibility. During the day, the runway lights come on as soon as horizontal visibility as measured by Météo France is reduced to 4,000 meters or less. 
In terms of lighting, the Group especially handles the following aspects 

• Equipment maintenance,
• Repaying lighting system investment,
• Electric power consumption required for lighting. 

These services are paid for by the lighting tax , due for every takeoff or landing movement and calculated according to time of day (day/night) and the degree of horizontal visibility.

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