Paris Aéroport
Gateway to Paris and beyond

Not only is the greater Paris region a coveted vacation destination, but it’s also an economic powerhouse that attracts savvy business types the world over. Whether for a quick jaunt or an immersive experience, Paris is the gateway to France, Europe and beyond.

Paris: A global hotspot for tourism and business

A huge draw for tourists


Every year, almost 50 million history buffs, romantics, foodies, fashionistas and curious jet setters flocked to Paris. With its world-class reputation for arts, culture, history and entertainment, it's no wonder why the Île-de-France region is the world's most popular tourist destination.

A global business hub

The greater Paris region, with its 8,000 start-ups, 100 incubators and 892,000 businesses, is also one of the world's major economic centers. In fact, Paris is home to more headquarters and offices of the world's top 500 companies than any other European city. Bustling with culture and entertainment, the region also draws in massive amounts of business travel. Businessmen and businesswomen from around the world head to the capital to attend meetings, conferences and more than 400 exhibitions each year.

Greater Paris: An economic powerhouse, a major source of traffic

Paris region is Europe’s single biggest economic zone, and its residents have a relatively high level of income and generous vacation packages. According to the OECD, France is one of the top 5 countries in the world with most vacation days.

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Paris: gateway to France, Europe and beyond

The Paris region is a world leader in multi-modal transportation, offering extensive connections to national and international destinations via air, rail and road.


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