What is the Airport Startup Day?

Come over and take part in the main start-up event dedicated to the future of transportation, aviation and tourism!

Groupe ADP provides an opportunity to start-ups working on transportation and aviation solutions to promote their products and services and meet potential investors a during a one-day competition in our airports. Each preselected start-up gets the chance to pitch their project and present all their products and services in front of passengers and professionalsof the sector. Meet the start ups shaping the world of tomorrow at the very heart of our airports.

The third edition of the event is organized by Groupe ADP in association with TAV Airports. Our aim is now to make this event a reference in the innovation ecosystem by launching it into our international airport network. 

Airport Startup Day 2019

The third edition of the Airport Startup Day will take place in two different countries. This year and for the first time it will be at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport on the 15th of October 2019 and at Izmir Adnan Menderes airport, in Turkey, on the 17th of October 2019. During the one-day competition, the start-ups will showcase their innovation about smart airport and new mobilities. 

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At Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport  
15th of October 2019

Groupe ADP des horizons à partager

At Izmir Adnan Menderes Aiport
17th of October 2019


At Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, fifteen French start-ups will compete. Groupe ADP will also welcome two turkish start-ups selected by TAV Airport. The first four most innovative start-ups selected by the jury, will be awarded.

1rst prize: A Las Vegas' package for two with the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) entrance planed on the begging of 2020.
2nd prize: A business tour in Asia with Business France
3rd prize: A coaching by RAISE on raising money and measure impact with investment fund.
4th prize: A professional support by Innovation Hub-Groupe ADP; with a full-paid experimentation.

There is two jury composed by members of the airport and transportations professionals : Edward Arkwright (Executive Director of the Groupe ADP / Anne-Sophie Gervais Development Director of  RAISE / Matthieu Lattes General Partner White Star Capital / Christophe Fanichet Directeur SNCF / Antoine Laborde Innovation Director of Air France / TAV: Franck Mereyde DG TAV Airports / Mr. Kerem Öztürk (DG TAV Technologies)

  • Airport Startup Day 2019: Program

    • 9.00 AM – 9.30 AM: Opening with Marc Houalla (Deputy General Director of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport)
    • 10.00 AM – 17.30 PM: Free visit startup stands and organized tour (pitch of the seventeen start-up)
    • 17:30PM – 18.15 PM: Prize giving ceremony presided by Edward Arkwright.
    • 18.15 PM – 19.00 PM: Closing cocktail.

  • Airport Startup Day 2019: Discover the preselected start-ups in Paris

    Ascendance: a cutting-edge vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft offering the best in class safety and performances based on a unique and patented hybrid propulsion system.

    After Flight: an app that allows the passenger to be in contact with other passenger on the same flight in order to share the transportation at the exit of the airport.

    Nino Robotics: develop an electric chair with a compact design for passenger with reduced mobility.

    Enova Robotics: Autonomous robots and service robotics applications in the field for surveillance.

    Mobistreet: building electric scooters.

    Ufeel: bike fully electric with super-capicitor (no lithium battery).

    Rubix: a smart box capable of doing measure and identify in real-time the air quality, the smell, the noise pollution.

    Safety Line: develop solution to optimize performance of aircraft and reduce carbon print. 

    Parquery: a solution of real-time information about the occupancy rates of the parking spaces.

    Flybot: a messenger assistant allows a client to find a flight quickly.

    Technis: a smart counting with a connected carpet.

    Odiho: turning smartphone as headphone of remote silent screen deployed in the airport

    Groupe XXII: using AI to analyse picture in a safety purpose

    Stockly: a software that aims to establish a network connecting brands’ and e-retailers’ inventories. When an e-retailer experiences a stock-out, other sources fill it up.

    BCDiploma: BCdiploma dematerializes and automates the issuance of certified diplomas and certificates: a major and lasting advantage, in addition to a "blockchain" security level.

    Further Network: From Passenger Systems to Systems for Passengers, Further Network enables Travel and Transportation Ecosystem to de-intermediate the industry by reforming transactions to real-time event-based settlements through Blockchain technologies.

    RebelRoam: provides superior onboard Wi-Fi traffic optimisation to over three million connected passengers every month significantly improving passenger WiFi experience and reducing data consumption and cost. Thirty transportation companies operating trains, buses, ships, ferries and planes across 38 countries realise the benefits that our service brings to their operations and to their passengers.




Paris And Co

Review of the last edition: Airport Startup Day 2018

In 2018, Airport Startup Day took place at Paris-Orly airport with twenty start-ups in the business spaces of Orly 1-2. 

Key figures about the last edition

Four start-ups have won during the event :
1rst prize: Immersive Therapy.  
2nd prize: Unsupervised.ai 
3rd prize: Proximikeys
4th prize: R-Pur

The jury was composed by: Régis LACOTE (head of Paris-Orly airport), Anne-Sophie GERVAIS (Co-director of the endowment fund), RAISESHERPAS Dominique RESTINO (CEO of Moovjee), Pierre MERIC (head of the incubator Look Forward of Showroomprivé), Marc ROUGIER (Partner in ELAIA Partners), Éric MORAND (departement directof of tech & services of Business France), Emilie LAYSTARY (Journalist at France 24)


About Innovation Hub in Groupe ADP

The new generation of airports will have to combine a smooth passenger journey, new mobility solutions and an efficient infrastructure.

We develop service-oriented innovations to improve the passenger experience, and also breakthrough innovations to design new services and invent the passenger experience of tomorrow.

To achieve this ambition, Groupe ADP has launched an innovation program dedicated to the transformation and competitiveness of the company. This program, called Innovation Hub, develops an approach based on an ecosystem of partners (Start-ups, academics, incubators, investment funds, etc.) that transforms airport platforms into real "Living Labs" for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, etc.

Innovation Hub is :

- Physical places of innovation : the first one in Paris-Charles de Gaulle is 400m2. Since 2017, it has been the core of our ecosystem with: 12,000 visitors including 45 airports, 20 technologies presented in the showroom (drones, augmented reality for modelling our airports, new cabin baggage detection equipment, etc.), nearly 50 pitch sessions.

- The development of experimentations : to then deploy new products and services. 15 experiments are carried out each year in Paris, around the smart airport, new mobility and robotics/donotics. These are launch ramps towards the industrialization of sustainable products and services in our airports.

- Investments with a double leverage : direct investments in startups and subscriptions to external funds. Since March 2017, we have carried out eight transactions with our internal fund and four subscriptions to external funds.