Chavenay Aerodrome is located in the Yvelines administrative departement, on the Versailles plain, only 12 km north-west of the city of Versailles and 27 km west of Paris.


Chavenay Aerodrome was created in 1936 by the French Ministry of War for its own purposes; it was only opened to public air traffic in February 1947.
After the Second World War and until 1973, gliders made up most of this traffic. In 1948, Paris Aéroport took over the operation of the aerodrome.


Chavenay is a small aerodrome that is used by light aircraft. Around 100 aircraft are based here; approximately half of these aircraft belong to private owners.

The aerodrome offers several different activities such as, flying training, the renovation of old aircraft, the construction of amateur aircraft, aerial sports, tourism, style jumping and recreational flying.

Surface area

The aerodrome's total footprint is 48 hectares.


Time at which the site is open to traffic: from sunrise minus 30 minutes to sunset plus 30 minutes.

  • 1962 débarquement des passagers

  • 14


    Number of runways: 2

    Runway 1: 820 m x 60 m
    Directions: 05/23
    Type of surface: grass

    Runway 2: 700 m x 100 m
    Directions: 10/28
    Type of surface: grass


    • 1 control tower
    • 1 fuel provider – Air BP, AVGAS 100 LL automated fuel dispenser
    • 15 aircraft hangars
    • Several flying clubs

    Geographical coordinates

    • IATA code: XZX 
    • ICAO code: LFPX
    • Latitude : 48° 50' 32'' N  
    • Longitude : 1° 58' 49'' E
    • Altitude : 129 m
    • Category D : class D1