Chelles Aerodrome is located in the Seine-et-Marne administrative departement, only 2 km north-east of the town of Chelles and 40 km north-west of Paris.


Chelles Aerodrome was used by the military until the end of the Second World War and was opened to public air traffic in 1947. The army sold the land so that a number of flying clubs could be created.

It is one of the smallest aerodromes owned by Paris Aéroport, but its three incumbent flying clubs provide a constant stream of business with around 15,000 flights per year.


Chelles is a civil aerodrome that is open to public air traffic; it is used by light aircraft.
The aerodrome offers several different activities such as, aerial sports, flying training, tourism, beginners' instructional flights, and pleasure flights in motorised aircraft and three-axis microlights.

Surface area

The aerodrome's total footprint is 31 hectares.


Time at which the site is open to traffic: from sunrise minus 30 minutes to sunset plus 30 minutes.

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    Number of runways: 2

    Runway 1: 600 m x 100 m
    Directions: 04/22
    Type of surface: grass

    Runway 2: 650 m x 100 m
    Directions: 11/29
    Type of surface: grass

    The airfield is unlicensed, and pilots make blind calls on a specified frequency.


    • Several hangars
    • 1 Air Total fuel and lubricant station 
    • 3 flying clubs
    • 1 grass apron

    Geographical coordinates

    • Latitude: 48° 53' 60'' N  
    • Longitude : 2° 36' 36'' E
    • Altitude : 154 m
    • Catégory D : class D1