Lognes Aerodrome is located in the Seine-et-Marne administrative departement, 1.5 km south of Lognes and 28 km east of Paris.
It is therefore only 25 minutes from the capital.


Lognes Aerodrome was opened to public air traffic in 1947. It is France's biggest private light aircraft aerodrome and, unlike many other aerodromes, it is open to international traffic. Furthermore, its proximity to five aerodromes makes it particularly attractive to neighbouring flying schools, thereby boosting its profitability.


It is used for leisure and tourism activities (light aircraft and helicopters) and it is a licensed civil aerodrome, open to private aircraft operated under visual flight rules and in daylight hours only.

It has the particularity of hosting AGILE, an inter-club management association created in 1983 that allows each flying club to retain its own identity. The aim of this association is to manage the operation and maintenance of 25 to 30 aircraft that belong to the clubs' members through the knowledge and expertise of commercial pilots.

Surface are     

The aerodrome's total footprint is 87 hectares. 


Time at which the site is open to traffic: from sunrise minus 30 minutes to sunset plus 30 minutes.

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    Number of runways: 2

    Runway 1: 700 m x 20 m
    Directions: 08/26
    Type of surface: asphalt

    Runway 2: 1,100 m x 100 m
    Directions: 08/26
    Type of surface: grass


    • 14 hangars
    • 4 companies
    • 1 control tower  
    • Several flying clubs

    Geographical coordinates

    • Latitude : 48° 49' 16'' N 
    • Longitude : 2° 37' 24'' E
    • Altitude : 108 m
    • Catégory D : class D1