Persan Aerodrome is located in the Val d'Oise administrative departement, 3 km north-east of Beaumont and 38 km north of Paris.


The site was first used by the military at the beginning of September 1914, before the Battle of the Marne. 
In 1940, the aerodrome was extended, incorporating the neighbouring village of Bernes sur Oise (construction of huts, dispersal areas, etc.).
It was eventually taken over by the Americans after the Germans pulled out at the end of August 1944.

The aerodrome has been managed by Paris Aéroport since the 1970s.


Persan is an aerodrome that is used by light and sport aircraft.

The aerodrome offers several different activities such as, flying training, aerial sports, tourism and a number of short-haul services. Parasailing, model aircraft making, style jumping and microlight flying, among other things, are also possible.

Surface area

The aerodrome's total footprint is 139 hectares.


Time at which the site is open to traffic: from sunrise minus 30 minutes to sunset plus 30 minutes.


Number of runways: 3

Runway 1: 830m X 20m
Orientation: 10/28
Type of coating: bitumen

Runway 2: 880m X 90m
Orientation: 10/28
Type of surface: grass

Runway 3: 980m X 100m
Guidance: 05/23
Type of surface: grass


• 1 fuel provider
• 17 hangars
• 1 maintenance and repair company 

Geographical coordinates

• Latitude : 49° 9' 56'' N  
• Longitude : 2° 18' 46'' E
• Altitude : 45 m
• Catégory D : class D1