Pontoise Aerodrome is located in the Val d'Oise administrative department, 7 km north-west of Pontoise, a town known for its dynamic economy and university, and 40 km from Paris.


Pontoise Aerodrome was created in 1937 and was initially occupied by the French army. 
The aerodrome was used for the purposes of the War until 1947. It was then restored and opened to public air traffic.
Since 21 April 1949, it has been managed by Paris Aéroport.


The aerodrome offers several different activities such as, business and general aviation, which is supported by an operational team that is on call 24 hours a day.

Surface area

The aerodrome's total footprint is 235 hectares.


Time at which the site is open to traffic: 24/24 – ground lighting can be switched on using PCL (Pilot Controlled Lighting), a system that allows pilots to switch airfield lights on and off from a distance.


Number of runways: 2

Runway 1: 1,690 m x 50 m
Directions: 05/23
Type of surface: asphalt

Runway 2: 1,690 m x 50 m
Directions: 12/30
Type of surface: asphalt


• 1 control tower
• 1 fuel provider - Air BP, Jet A-1 refuelling truck
• 3 hangars
• 1 fire service 

Coordonnées géographiques

• Latitude : 49° 05' 47'' N
• Longitude : 02° 02' 26'' E
• Altitude : 99 m
• Catégory C : class C1