More visible

• Welcome your visitors from the aircraft to your event with a Welcome flags & Banners package personnalised with your logo. 
• Guide your guests through the airport with communication resources at your brand image.
• Maximise the audience for your event by using the on-screen services of our Airport TV channel.

Immediate visual impact

Passengers see the visual identity of your event the moment they exit the aircraft.
For your visitors, this immediate impact is both reassuring and a valuable sign of recognition :
straight away they feel taken care of, welcomed in a special way and guided as they pass through the airport.
For non-visitors, the same information acts as a powerful communication tool.

Double whammy guaranteed!

Set the right tone

Welcome banners and flags in the livery of your event set exactly the right tone straight away.
Your guests pick up immediately on the spirit of the event !

As the first stage in the hospitality sequence, it puts you into direct contact with your visitors well ahead of the event itself.

Permanent support for your event

Use our mobile display panels to keep in contact with your visitors as they move around the airport.

Taking over from where the welcome flags and banners leave off, they also convey the right image of your event.
Most importantly, they act as a confidence builder for people as they arrive, by guiding them from terminals to parking areas.

A service your guests will thank you for !

These visual reference points allow you to accompagny your visitors all the way through the airport. As dedicated signage, these panels can also convey any pratical information you need to provide, such as the departure times of shuttle buses serving the event venue.

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