Cargo activity at Paris-CDG
at the service of health and the economy

While in the context of the Coronavirus-Covid19 pandemic, the decline of air traffic has hit passenger transport badly, the cargo activity at Paris-Charles de Gaulle demonstrates a remarkable capacity for resilience and continues to carry the merchandise that is indispensable to French industry and households for French people.

A fundamental activity for the operation
of the economy and the continuity of the country

The suspension of almost all passenger flights in the current context could have had a major impact on freight transport capacity (almost 60% of which travels in the holds of passenger aircraft and 40% in the holds of all-cargo aircraft). This did not take into account the adaptability of the players in the sector. Several airlines have adapted their offer with "ferry" aircraft, i.e. passenger aircraft whose holds are entirely filled with goods. 

In effect, the high demand for the transport of goods by air remains high, particularly for fresh products and perishable foodstuffs, manufactured goods with high added value (luxury goods, parts for industry...), pharmaceutical products and protective equipment directly related to the fight against the pandemic (masks, gowns, screening equipment, hydroalcoholic gel). For all these products, rapid delivery by air is a key element. 

A strong mobilization between all the actors

In response to the crisis, the entire cargo community at Paris-Charles de Gaulle is working together. Freight forwarders, handlers, airlines and the Customs and Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC) guarantee the continuity of air freight operations, make operations as fluid as possible and facilitate access to the health products essential to the national fight against the epidemic.

of French air freight transits through Paris-CDG
aircraft positions exclusively dedicated to cargo flights
2,1 M
tonnes of freight and mail

Paris-CDG, Europe's leading cargo airport 

Around 90% of French air freight by volume transits through Paris-Charles de Gaulle. In 2019, the airport regained its position as Europe's leading cargo airport with 2.1 million tonnes of freight and mail operated.
In addition, it has a unique "cargo city" with 700,000 m² of buildings (logistics warehouses, sorting centres, freight stations) and 80 aircraft stations dedicated exclusively to cargo flights on 300 hectares of land in a single block.

These major assets thus enable Groupe ADP to implement a strategy focused on the development of new markets and the recovery of French industrial export flows, too often trucked to other European airports.

Interview, in French, of Marc Houalla, Executive Director, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Managing Director.

Under the leadership of the Groupe ADP, TLF (association of freight forwarders and forwarding agents), SYCAFF (Syndicat des compagnies aériennes de fret en France, i.e. French Freight Airlines Union), Customs, IATA (International Air Transport Association) have joined forces to implement emergency measures in order to ensure a relay of information as well as an effective sensibilisation of the State services with a view to the continuity of cargo activity.