Our commitment to the cargo

Logistics requires the involvement of a vast number of operators whose successive roles and actions constitute what is commonly known as the “logistics chain”. The performance of this chain relies on the ability of each party to consider and incorporate the requirements of the other parties operating up- and/or downstream of their scope of intervention. 

Uniting the cargo community at Europe’s number one hub


Groupe ADP plays a fundamental role here, acting as community manager and integrator, rallying support, promoting and organising exchanges, and developing synergies and resources to improve efficiency and competitiveness. The ultimate goal is to better meet the needs and expectations of our customers and the importers and exporters whose goods pass through our facilities.

Driven by this community spirit, Groupe ADP launched a proactive initiative in 2017 to promote CEIV Pharma certification within Paris-CDG Airport. We currently have 14 operators signed up to this initiative, of which 8 are already certified.

The logistics chain does not stop at the airport gates

Indeed, with this in mind, and led by a desire to extend the notion of community to other airports worldwide, Groupe ADP signed partnership agreements in 2018 with the following major airports:
     - Hong Kong Airport, the world's busiest cargo airport
     - Dallas Fort Worth

Lastly, Groupe ADP plays a crucial role within the ACFA (Air Cargo France Association), a new association created in 2017 to promote the air cargo business in France and fly the flag for the French economy.

Read more about ACFA (Air Cargo France Association)

Innovating to boost cargo competitiveness

Groupe ADP is working hard on the expansion of e-freight, with notable support from IATA (International Air Transport Association). As part of this innovative strategy, Groupe ADP has been involved in the development of CIN France, the provider of electronic data exchange platform CCS (Cargo Community System). This system allows users to track cargo operations at the airport in compliance with customs regulations and safety and security obligations. The fact that 320 companies have already signed up is testament to its success.

Always on the look-out for innovative solutions, Groupe ADP has also developed a tracking tool for non-aircraft and non-motorised runway equipment for use by the CDG Cargo Community. This tool is called OCAPI. It allows users to see the location of their facility at the airport, in real time.
3,000 items are already fitted with this software!

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Marc Houalla, Executive Director, Managing Director of Paris-CDG Airport, and John Ackerman from Dallas
Fort Worth International Airport, announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to work together
to develop air links.