Paris–Charles de Gaulle airport

Located on 3 257 hectares, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is the global hub of Air France-KLM and the main European hub of the Skyteam Alliance. According to the ACI Europe “Airport Industry Connectivity 2016” report which assesses the network of connections offered at airports, the connecting platform at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, the primary base of the Air France-KLM Group, is ranked as the leading European hub for intercontinental connectivity, ahead of London-Heathrow and the 3rd European hub for global connectivity, behind Frankfurt and Amsterdam.
It is the European hub of La Poste and FedEx.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle in key figures:

• Operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
 4 runways including two parallel independent dual runways
• Runway capacity of 120 movements an hour
• 29 766 cargo movements in 2017
• 2 195 229 tons of cargo in 2017
• Area of freight: 300 hectares
• 317 aircraft stands of which 79 are dedicated to cargo aera
• 329 cities served from Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Paris–Orly airport

Located on 1540 hectares, the Paris-Orly airport is part of a major economic center of Ile-de-France including the Rungis national interest market (MIN), SOGARIS (the Rungis coach station semi-private joint venture), the SILIC business parks and the Belle-Epine shopping centre.

Paris-Orly in key figures:

• Open from 6:00am to 11:30pm
• 3 runways
• Runway capacity of 76 movements per hour
• Freight area: 45 hectares including the aircraft parking areas
• 100 087 tons of cargo in 2017
• 154 cities served from Paris-Orly


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