The luxury industry is both a jewel of the French economy and a major driver of foreign trade. 43% of revenue in this sector is generated by exports.

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Choosing air transport

More than for any other product sector, companies in the fashion and luxury industry are committed to ensuring shops receive just-in-time deliveries. This means they can limit overstocking and can tailor supply to demand as best they can. Air transport offers the best solution for this strategic challenge. In fact, certain fashion houses use only aircraft for the long-distance transport of their products.

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Exceptional goods, exceptional handling!

Groupe ADP and the Paris airports have a number of assets at their disposal, to help you meet the demands of the luxury industry:

high-performance and ultra-secure facilities
services with the world’s largest freight forwarders and express carriers  
a direct collaboration with State services to provide 24/7 customs clearance at Paris-CDG
an efficient goods-tracking IT system; CIN (Cargo Information Network)

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