Cargo: 2020 Objectives 

For Groupe ADP’s cargo business, 2020 will see the pursuit of its quest for excellence and an opening up of new markets, notably in Asia.



Recapturing traffic

With plans for a new passenger terminal in 2028 (Terminal 4), Groupe ADP has confirmed its intention to expand. During 2020, the cargo team will be working on consolidating as much as possible the flow around Paris-CDG and will mainly be targeting Chinese airlines which offer considerable opportunities for growth. Taking into account the trade war between the US and China, the fall in global trade and the downturn in economic growth, the cargo team at Paris-Charles de Gaulle will need to work hard if it is to stand out once again in 2020.

Change in activity

With this goal of distinguishing itself and striving for excellence in mind, the Roissy cargo terminal will be working towards becoming the first in Europe to obtain CEIV Fresh certification.


Development of Cargo City

This year will also be synonymous with real estate development: with 600,000 sq.m. of buildings and a cargo capacity of 3.5 metric tonnes per year, the goal is to increase the real estate portfolio to 800,000 sq.m. for a projected capacity of 4.5 MT per year.

As such, this new year will reflect a genuine ambition for growth and development within the Paris-Charles de Gaulle cargo team, both geographically and in terms of quality and logistics.