lans to modernise Paris-Orly Airport were launched on 2 April with the construction of a connecting building between the West and South Terminals. 


With direct and simplified entrances and exits, this connecting building within Paris-Orly will make it easier to navigate the airport. The project is also meant to make the time passengers spend in the airport before boarding more pleasant, with the overall goal of providing more modern facilities in keeping with the highest international standards. Passengers will be able to enjoy beautifully lit areas, larger lounges, as well as many boutiques catering to a wide variety of interests.

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To make travellers more comfortable, boarding lounges and arrival zones will also be included so passengers and those accompanying them to the airport can wait and be received in optimal conditions.

During construction, the building will create jobs and business for the public works companies involved in the project. It will also have a positive indirect impact on surrounding businesses, including the local shops, hotels, and restaurants likely to be visited by construction personnel, who will be based on site until the project is completed.

The connecting building within Paris-Orly will create new long-term jobs as well. This project will boost employment either directly or indirectly not only by providing new areas for businesses and services within the new building, but also through the operation and maintenance of airport activities related to the new facilities.

Aéroports de Paris is committed to maintaining a clean work site to limit its impact on local residents, construction personnel, and the environment. To this effect, the project will be conducted in accordance with HQE® green building standards with the eventual goal of earning certification. HQE® is an approach to construction that seeks to reduce a building’s impact on the environment throughout its life cycle as much as possible and create a healthy and comfortable interior space. In addition, the building will follow the latest regulatory requirements and environmental standards.

Construction began on 2 April, and the building is expected to become operational during the first half of 2019. 

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    Aéroports de Paris is working to make its facilities more comfortable and easier to navigate for passengers.