Published 7 février 2020

Results ot the play your airport cargo challenge

POC funding of €22,000, exposure on the Cargo pages of the Groupe ADP website, as well as €4,000 in travel vouchers are the prizes up for grabs for the winners of each category (Start-ups / Students / Cargo community employees) of the 2019-2020 “Play Your Airport” challenge following four months of competition.


The challenge was to support the growth of the Paris cargo business by coming up with innovative, practical and simple technological solutions to improve current processes.

This long journey has led us on a discovery of highly interesting and innovative projects, such as:

  • Projects put forward by staff of the Paris-CDG cargo community: Community (Stéphane Manscour and Laurent Bourcy), who proposed a courier pooling system that uses smart shuttles shared by multiple players, thus reducing road traffic and keeping transport costs down.

  • Projects put forward by students: Cargo Continuous Improvement (Supmeca) which, starting with Lean Manufacturing, aims to support the ongoing improvement of the cargo staff’s working environment, notably by making a number of tools available to them (information board, suggestion box, etc.).

  • Projects put forward by start-ups: Orok, which designs electric, autonomous and omnidirectional vehicles for the transport of goods airside. The idea being to reduce the risk of accidents, optimise the management of ground space and ensure cargo is transported to the aircraft as quickly as possible.


You can find more information about the winners and their prizes by clicking here.

We had a huge number of entries for this challenge, presenting incredibly interesting ideas. This is an exciting time for the Groupe ADP Cargo team, both in terms of the collaborative work carried out as part of this event and the numerous ideas developed by the participants.

Groupe ADP would like to join the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Cargo team in thanking you once again for your enthusiasm and participation!


Cargo gagnants 2020