Assets and projects Paris-Orly

Paris-Orly Airport aims to become a major business centre within the biggest economic area in the south of Paris, which already includes the Silic Rungis services park, Rungis International Market (MIN), the Belle-Épine shopping centre and the Sénia industrial park.

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  • Parc Orlytech - Building type: Office - Delivery date: 1989 - Area (sqm): 26,500 m² - Investor: Groupe ADP

  • Parc Juliette - Building type: Industrial premises - Delivery date: 1985 - Area (sqm): 20,000 m² - Investor: Groupe ADP

  • Parc Tivano - Building type: Industrial premises - Date of delivery: 1980 - Area (sqm): 4,000m² - Investor: Groupe ADP

  • Bâtiment 250- Building type: cargo terminal - Date of delivery: 2008 - Area (sqm): 14,700 m² - Investor: Groupe ADP

  • Coeur d'Orly - Askia - Building type: Office - Delivery date: 2015 - Area (sqm): 16 300m² - Investor: Groupe ADP (50%), Altarea Cogedim (25%), Foncière des Régions (25%)

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    Coeur d'Orly

    Cœur d'Orly is without any doubt the most successful and ambitious real estate project (130 ha) at Paris-Orly. It will include a business eco-district, a true living space located immediately beside the airport terminals. Cœur d’Orly will be connected to existing public transport systems (Orlyval-RER B, bus) and the T7 Villejuif-Athis-Mons tramway at the end of 2013 (work has already begun), and railway stations for the TGV and the Grand Paris Express automated metro line are planned.

    The first part of the project will be the construction on 13.5 hectares of land of sqm 160,000 of buildings, including around sqm 108,000 office space, sqm 34,000 designer shopping, local shops, restaurants, leisure areas and an sqm 18,000 4-star hotel. The project has been designed by big-name architects: Jean-Michel Wilmotte as co-ordinating architect and Philippe Thébaud as landscape designer.

    • Coeur d'Orly - Building type: Retail - Delivery date: in progress - Area (sqm): 38,000m² - Investor(s): Groupe ADP (50%), Altaréa Cogedim (25%), Foncière des Régions (25%)

    • Coeur d'Orly - Building type: Hotel complex - Date of delivery: 2016-2017 - Area (sqm): 15,000m² - Investor(s): Accor

    • Parc Roméo - Building type: Industrial premises - Delivery date: 2017 - Area (sqm): 22,000 m² - Investor(s): Groupe ADP

    • Available land - Area (sqm): 136 ha - Investor(s) : Groupe ADP

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